Glutton for Gluten-free Candy: How Gluten-free Candy is Healthy and the new Way to Fitness!!

Jul 31


Elias Jaxton

Elias Jaxton

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Ever looked back into time and wondered, what would my shape be like if I hadn’t gulped down those candies on Halloween’s? Well, I have. While couch surfing for better candy options this year, a light bulb went off, a website in bold yelled, gluten-free candy.


While the older generation is apprehensive about this concept,Glutton for Gluten-free Candy: How Gluten-free Candy is Healthy and the new Way to Fitness!! Articles young fitness freaks are actually thankful as the candy is bringing them happiness as well as health benefits. But to start with, how many people actually know what gluten is? What gluten-free is? Are you just following a trend?

Voila, I'm here to clear some things up; starting with what gluten is. Wikipedia expertly suggests that gluten is a mixture of proteins found in wheat and related grains, including barley, rye, oat, and all their species and hybrids. Gluten is appreciated for its viscoelastic properties. In lay man words, it helps our staple products like bread, cereal, pasta rise and sticky.

Majority of young population seem to be following a gluten-free diet just for "not" their sake. You'd be surprised to see how many youngsters have no clue what or how gluten works. But regardless, it is a healthier option and gluten-free candy just adds the cherry to the cake. (You see what I did there!!)

For the last few years, gluten-free candy sales have soared high especially with people opting to eat gluten-free candy on Halloween's and Christmas.

I've always been a sweet tooth and candies make me weak in the knees. Experts and nutritionists would actually suggest me to quit candies completely, but every person who has a taste for sweet things can agree that it's difficult than it seems. Gluten is the ingredient that makes the dough elastic. With the world now being in fitness frenzy, the current fad is to buy gluten-free products.

Here are four reasons why people lose weight when they go gluten-free:

1.The people who practice eating gluten-free diet are on a strict diet.

2.High calorie junk food is big NO-NO and is usually avoided.

3.Staple gluten products like bread, pasta, biscuits, cereal cannot be eaten

4.Low calorie food like fresh fruits and vegetables are generally preferred as they are gluten-free (obviously!), inexpensive and easily available.

Are you now wondering, will the gluten-free candy taste same as the normal gluten? The answer is yes. Gluten adds no taste to a product but only the stickiness to its texture. Thus, removal of it causes only the difference in texture and not in taste. And although there appears to be a change in candy, various brands after a lot of work have actually mastered cloning the original product.

So, what would prefer at the end of the day? Would you rather eat gluten products and stay happy in an ignorant bliss or consider changing to gluten-free products and make a slightly healthier choice. While there is no proof of how gluten-free products help us lose weight, the concept encourages us to shift to healthier foods altogether. The combination of gluten-free products and healthy eatables along with a proper workout regime would surely help you get your beach body (if that is you want, of course).

In conclusion, what I think is that the future of gluten-free products is not only due to the current fad but also health oriented. With so many weight related issues in the world, the only free way I would choose is the gluten-free way.

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