How to Brew Pu Erh Tea

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Pu-erh is a variety of post-fermented tea that stems from the Yunnan province of China. Pu-erh is traditionally aged years to create a deep flavour complexity.

The tea imparts a dark amber liquor when brewed. There are two methods of brewing Pu-erh tea. The traditional Chinese method is more complex than the simpler Western method,Guest Posting but also creates a more authentic flavour experience.


The Traditional Chinese Method


This method is more complex and is recommended for experienced Pu-erh drinkers and tea connoisseurs.


You will need:


A Gaiwan; A small tea pitcher; Two traditional tea taster cups; For Pu-erh cakes, a prying pick;


A thermometer or temperature control kettle; Measuring scales or a tea scoop;

Brewing Tips


Whether you are using loose leaf Pu-erh or a Pu-erh cake, we recommend that you use approximately 3-4g of Pu-erh tea per 200ml of water. The strength of the tea will depend on the amount tea relative to the amount of water.


If you are brewing tea from a Pu-erh cake, break off a small piece of tea using your prying pick. Weigh the tea to ensure that you have the right amount for the quantity of tea you wish to brew. You can also do this using a tea scoop.


1.Rinse your Gaiwan, pitcher and tasting cups in boiling water.

2.Place the tea in your Gaiwan.

3.Pour a small amount of hot water into the Gaiwan. To ensure an authentic flavour, the water must be 100.

4.Wash the tea leaves with the hot water and discard of the liquid.

5.Fill you Gaiwan with hot water (still 100), place the lid on top of the Gaiwan and leave to steep for approximately 15-30 seconds.

6.Slightly tilt the Gaiwan lid and pour the infusion into your pitcher leaving the tea leaves in the Gaiwan.

7.You can reuse the tea leaves several times. Each infusion will have a slightly different flavour.

8.Serve the Pu-erh infusion in the pre-heated tea tasting cups.


Four Easy Steps for Brewing Pu-erh Tea in Western Way


1.Choose the Pu-erh tea you would like to brew and place it in your teapot.

2.After rinsing the leaves once with hot water for a few seconds then discarding the water, as mentioned above to rid the tea of any impurities, add hot water to brew the leaves in.

3.Fresh spring water or purified water is the best choice, and the hotter the temperature of the water, the stronger the resulting brew will become, so you can control the resulting tea's flavor and depth.

4.Brew your Pu-erh tea for approximately 2 minutes, then serve as desired.


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