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If the idea of tasty wholesale sweets that offer a nutritional punch appeals, contact hf Chocolates. Frésh active mints might be what you’re looking for.

The words everyone with a sweet tooth wants to hear: sweets can actually be healthy! Most people will understandably regard such a notion with a certain degree of suspicion,Guest Posting especially when we are constantly being told that anything delicious and even slightly decadent is ‘bad’ for you. In line with this commonly held belief is the one that denotes that anything healthy is bound to be less tasty and much less enjoyable.

Changing Perceptions

The team at hf Chocolates who have a combined experience of many years in the business of wholesale sweets and chocolates now stock a range of products, known as frésh active mints, that are made with no sugar and therefore come with none of the associated guilt. Still providing the tantalising taste of a sweet, these products don’t leave you with the sugar low that follows the notorious post-sugar high and so are particularly attractive to health-conscious consumers who love to stay active all day.

Hf Chocolates are very proud to have the frésh active mints range in their wholesale sweets and chocolates catalogue now, so any confectionery retailer wanting to attract the increasingly large number of customers who appreciate a healthier option should take note.

Working with Nature

These mints, owned by the German company Powermints, might be small in stature but are bursting with a real punch of fresh flavour. Minus the sugar and minus the aspartame that is often used as a sugar substitute, the mints get their delectable zing from 100% essential oils.

Sold in a handy tin that is small enough to stash away in a handbag or glove compartment, frésh active mint lozenges are the prefect way to keep breath fresh throughout the day. They also have the added benefit of containing the tooth-protecting substance, xylitol, and various vitamins and antioxidants feature in the different flavours.

Fabulous Flavours

Retailers who like to offer variety to their consumers will be pleased to learn that the frésh active mints are not only available from hf Chocolates as wholesale sweets, but they are also available in four delicious flavours, each chosen carefully to tempt the more health-aware customer.

Açai berry – Every few months it seems that a new nutritious berry hits the headlines. The açai berry is the latest fruit to gain the accolade of being one of the healthiest you can eat. Not only known to boost the immune system, these deep purple berries, native to the rainforests of the Amazon, are believed to slow the aging process, help with weight loss, and reduce irritation.

Aronia berry – Antioxidants are the important biochemical substances that are used by the body to combat the impact of free radicals and offer protection against harmful oxidation, and the aronia berry is one of the most antioxidant-packed fruits we have. These little berries are also known to have huge amounts of carotene, which helps protect the eyes. Improved circulation and enhanced health of the urinary tract are also benefits of consuming the aronia berry.

Eucalyptus honey – The advantages of honey with regards to wellbeing have been recognised for some time. When used to flavour these mints the result is not only refreshing but healthy, too. Honey is well known to have powerful antibacterial effects (as does eucalyptus) and has been associated with helping prevent cancer and heart disease, plus we all appreciate its soothing effects on a sore throat. Eucalyptus is regarded as a fighter of inflammation and reliever of congestion.

Acerola cherry – Scarlet red in colour, these berries are jam-packed full of vitamin C, which is the vitamin associated with a strong immune system as well as the regeneration of cells. The sharp flavour of the acerola cherry, also known as the Barbados cherry or West Indian cherry, is perfectly suited to a sweet that boasts nutritional properties.

If the concept of wholesale sweets that have the appeal of taste as well as the benefits of offering a degree of nutrition interests you, get in contact with hf Chocolates. A member of the team will provide whatever information is required about frésh active mints and other healthier-option products on offer.

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