The History and Functions of Sesame Oil

Apr 28


Yan Hu

Yan Hu

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Sesame oil has a long history. It is good for health.


Sesame oil is familiar to all of us. Not only western dishes,The History and Functions of Sesame Oil Articles but also exotic dishes often use it as an ingredient. It is because that this oil is delicious as well as nutritious. It is a kind of old and beneficial food that deserves our appreciation.

When we talk about the history of sesame oil, we should look back to that of the sesame. Sesame was originally called benne by Chinese people. Through some biological studies in China, people found the seeds of ancient buried in Zhejiang, China about 5000 years ago. So it may be originated from this Asian country. Some ancient Chinese books also recorded the existence of sesame oil. But some archaeological studies in the Middle East have revealed that sesame oil was produced as early as more than 3000 years ago in India and Persia. However, some people hold the view that it was first from the Africa, and later it was introduced to India and China.

The production of sesame oil has a long and glamorous history as well. As early as the Ming Dynasty of the Chinese history, the Cui family began to grind sesame oil at home. That was about 600 years ago. Sesame oil was at first used as a kind of household fuel. Now the oil is produced in factories and its production becomes more and more efficient. A small oil mill can produce more than one ton of sesame oil every day. Meanwhile, the nutrition of this oil is no longer wasted. It is mainly applied in cooking.

Sesame oil is suitable for everyone. Research in America, Japan and India has indicated that it has many medical functions. Eating sesame oil in the long run would remarkably lower the risk of the high blood pressure, for the unsaturated fatty acids in it is easily digested and absorbed, functioning as the cleaner in the blood vessels. Besides, ancient Chinese medical books said it would make people beautiful. It is because that the large amount of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin E can slow down the aging process. It is this characteristic that makes the oil especially welcomed by young ladies. In addition, it is useful in improve the immune system.

There are some types of people who are in need of sesame oil. The first type is those who are easy to get ill. Pregnant women can drink it to complement the lost nutrition such as vitamin E, iron, and calcium in order to get rid of diseases. A second type is those who speak and sing a lot. Teachers, actors and announcers belong to this type. They can turn to the oil for help if their vocal cords feel dry and pain. The last type is people who want to be young. ��

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