Well-Known Foods That Can Chip Teeth

Nov 7


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TNT Dental Marketing

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Did you know that some foods can increase your risk of chipping a tooth? Be aware of these foods so that you can avoid a dental emergency.


You may already know that some foods can “rot” your teeth. For example,Well-Known Foods That Can Chip Teeth Articles candy and other sugary sweets are infamous for causing tooth decay. However, were you aware that certain items can chip your teeth? It’s true - biting the wrong fare could make bits of your smile break off. Luckily, learning about these products will help you avoid that outcome. So, then, here are four well-known foods that can easily chip your teeth.

4 Foods That Might Chip Your Teeth

If you aren’t careful, your meal choice might lead to chipped teeth. In particular, be cautious of the four foods listed below:

Hard Breads

Yes, hard breads are a great complement to spaghetti, pasta, and salads. That said, they’re also risky for your teeth.

Per its name, hard bread has a tough texture. It’s crunchy and requires forceful chewing. Consequently, biting it has the potential to break a tooth. You could then suffer a dental emergency.

That said, there are ways to eat these breads safely. Consider dipping them in fresh olive oil or butter. That way, you’d soften the bread’s hardness and reduce the risk of a chipped tooth.

Hard Candies

Halloween isn’t too far away now, so you may be excited for hard candies. Unfortunately, these treats aren’t just dangerous due to their sugar.

That’s right – hard candies can chip teeth. (The name of ‘Jawbreakers’ alone is a clue.) Biting them before they dissolve could break your pearly whites. Worse, kids are notoriously impatient. Many are tempted to crunch a lollipop or lemon drop rather than savor it.

Of course, you can avoid the risk by not biting these candies. Still, you’re better off not stocking these sweets for Halloween.


Sure, jerky is a delicious, protein-rich snack. Even so, it’s also dangerous to pearly whites.

The fact is that jerky is dried muscle. As such, it’s hard, chewy, and makes your jaw work hard. Sadly, though, such features mean jerky can lead to a chipped or broken tooth.

Thankfully, you can compensate for jerky’s toughness. You could buy softer brands that put less strain on your jaw. You might also moisten it with water (or saliva) so it’s easier to break apart.


Among healthy snacks, nuts are some of the most popular. They have many great vitamins and minerals. Regardless, these tiny and dry fruits put teeth at risk.

Remember, most store-bought nuts are still in their shells. (For example, consider peanuts, sunflower seeds, and pistachios.) Therefore, teeth can break from biting them too hard. The pressure from trying to break a nut’s shell might break your chomper instead.

What to Do If You Chip a Tooth

If you chip your tooth on a hard food, you should see a dentist immediately. They can repair the damage before you suffer any oral complications.

Many emergency dentists have ways to treat chipped or broken teeth. One option is a dental crown, which would cover the damaged area with a tooth-colored cap. Another, meanwhile, is a dental filling – a service that fills holes in teeth with a composite resin.

Ultimately, you should be careful of foods that can chip teeth. To learn more about them and how to pick meals accordingly, talk to your local dentist.

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