What Makes Kona Coffee Different?

Dec 12


Bob B. Hamilton

Bob B. Hamilton

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Genuine Kona coffee is one of the most prestigious and beloved coffee variations in the world. Read on to learn more about this topic.

Coffee drinkers are passionate about their coffee which is quite obvious that in most communities you'll find a coffee shop on just about every corner. There are many variations of coffee,What Makes Kona Coffee Different? Articles different creams and even whip cream and spices to add a special something or syrups to add pizzazz as well. That being any great cup of coffee starts with the roast and there are an endless amount of choices, from all over the world, with one exclusive favorite being Kona coffee.

Genuine Kona coffee is one of the most prestigious and beloved coffee variations in the world. It is full bodied, it has an aroma that people savor, and it is a unique flavor that no other coffee can quite match. Kona coffee offers a very unique combination of subtle flavors that no other coffee comes close to and whether you drink it with cream, sugar or just straight, Kona coffee still offers a rich coffee experience that shines through, even with added creams and flavorings.

Kona coffee beans can only be found growing near Hawaii where it starts thriving in the coffee trees that are found around the hill sides of Hualalai and in the mountains of Mauna Loa. This is where the volcanic earth and unique atmosphere come together to produce these special sort of beans. This environment is so unique that the coffee beans that grow naturally within it seem to harness the atmosphere in their flavor. They are then harvested and cultivated in various regions around Hawaii and finally exported worldwide, to the happy good fortune of coffee drinkers everywhere.

Kona coffee is unique in other ways as well. It is harvested and cultivated from where it grows to where it ends up in your home, all by hand. It is hand-picked, pulled, transported and dried. Kona coffee is sun dried and then roasted afterwards. The machinery only organizes the beans into different sizes before being bagged for exportation. This is where the differences between Kona and other roasts are often made apparent, due to the atmospheric conditions and the amount of moisture that affects the coffee.

Kona coffee has a rich, distinctive flavor and is always best in its freshest state. If you don’t store your Kona, or any roast of coffee, correctly it can lose its texture and freshness quite easily. Make sure to store your coffee in an air tight container and even freeze it if you aren’t going to be brewing it up at the moment. Store whole beans as well and only grind them up when you are going to be using them soon; that its shelf life will be much longer and flavor is retained.

100% pure Kona coffee comes to you grown to perfection, harvested and cultivated by hand. If you want to experience it in its ideal state, store it correctly and enjoy the best, authentic experience of the world’s most prestigious coffee. Try it out and enjoy the Kona coffee experience that the world loves; you won't be disappointed!