How to Delay if Not Prevent Fading of Carpet by Proper and Best Carpet Care Ever

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Carpet wears out because of foot traffic and dirt particles that get trampled deep into the pile beyond the suction of the vacuum.The dirt particles wear down the fibers like sandpaper and dull the carpet. The most important thing you can do to protect your carpet is to vacuum it frequently.

Like anything else,Guest Posting our carpet needs to be taken care of and maintained to endure the riggers of home life. Just like any fabric, carpets fade easily when being exposed for a long period of time.Try not to keep your carpet under direct sunlight for too long.You may want to keep away from indoor sources of heat as well.

Do not place it too close to radiators or fireplaces. Heat can make the fabric easy to tear later. Also protect it from harsh chemical substances and bleach as they will also cause severe discolouration.

Science has yet to develop a color that will not fade with time. All carpets will slowly lose some color due to natural and artificial forces in the environment. You can delay this process by frequently removing soil with vacuuming, regularly changing air filters in heating and air conditioning systems, keeping humidity and room temperature from getting too high, and reducing sunlight exposure with window coverings.

Today, almost all of the fibres and dyes used in making carpets exhibit excellent properties of colourfastness to sunlight. However, all carpets are subject to a degree of fading with age but this is generally unnoticeable over the years. Carpets fitted in extremely sunny rooms with large windows can be protected by drawing your curtains or blinds during periods of strong sunlight.


All you need is hot water and salt. The salt brightens faded fiber and guards against further discoloration. Some suggest that on top of carpet cleaners available, ammonia is a necessary ingredient. It's possible that that would yield an even more impressive result, but this solution worked well too, and without being harmful to pets and children.This process not only brightened my carpets and will guard against further fading but it also took care of some minor stains.

So what can we do to stop or slow down the effects of fading. We can't do much about artificial lights and gasses but, as they only cause a small proportion of the effects of fading, they're not too important. The main thing to stop is the sun and the biggest suntrap is the windows. There's a great way to stop this and that is window film, a good quality clear window film will stop 99% of UV, whilst a tinted film can also stop over 80% of solar heat and glare (natural light). This means that you can really effect the speed at which your furniture fades and in a few years time when you decide to put that table in a new spot, this time that big block of bright un-faded carpet isn't there, or at least is nowhere near as noticeable as it was.

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