The application of plant growth regulator on the flowers

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Plant growth regulator can promote rooting, be conducive to rapid reproduction. Naphthaalene acetic acid, heteroauxin and other auxin, mixed into appropriate concentration, used in some uneasy take root flowers, have significant effect on promoting rooting. 

For example,Guest Posting after summer clipping the camellia semi-woody branches, a bud, about 3 ~ 5cm, put the basal cuttings into 1000¼g/g naphthalene acetic acid solution immersed 3 ~ 5s, immediately take out and planting. 50 days after investigation, the rooting rate is twice higher than the control group. Another example is clipping magnolia twigs immersed in 200¼g/g naphthalene acetic acid solution for a night before cutting, can promote rooting survival. Practice has proved that, jasmine, Milan, sasanqua, smiling, bougainvillea, rubber tree, Roman candles, colored plum, Podocarpus, geranium, begonia, carnation and other flowers, after treating with auxin, promote rooting with good results.

Break dormancy and promote germination. Variety of flower seeds, perennial root and bulbous root and others have dormant period, in order to make them flowering earlier, you must first break dormancy, promote it sprouting earlier. Treating with gibberellin can achieve this purpose. For example, peony with 500 ~ 1000¼g/g gibberellin solution coating flower buds, Gloxinia seeds with 25¼g/g gibberellin solution soaking treatment, etc., have a significant effect on breaking dormancy.

Promote plant stocky, improve ornamental value. Use chlormequat chloride, daminozide and so on to process flowers, you can effectively make individual plant dwarfing, promote branching and flower buds. For example, when planting geraniums mix 500¼g/g of chlormequat chloride in the soil, the plant height can reduce about 10cm, and in advance flowering 1 to 2 weeks. Dahlias, chrysanthemums and other treat with daminozide, the dwarfing effects are very obvious. Paclobutrazol on some flowers and plants dwarfing effect also very significant, such as potted chrysanthemum, in its growth interim (about late August), spray with 20¼g/g concentration of paclobutrazol solution, spray once every two weeks, sprayed twice can make plants grow shorter, internode shortening, leaf green, stem hardens, this time accompanied by topping and timely fertilization, can make flowers larger, extended flowering.

Extend the life of cut flowers, when arranging flowers, people want to make the flowers open a few days more, apply some of the growth retardants can suppress respiration of flowers, to achieve the purpose of extending the life of cut flowers. For example, the base of carnation flowers soaked overnight with chlormequat chloride, you can extend 2 to 3 days of the life. The use concentration of chlormequat chloride, summer is 50¼g/g, winter is 10 ~ 25¼g/g.

Prevent fruit dropping, spraying gibberellin, daminozide, naphthalene acetic acid, etc. have prevent fruits dropping effect. Such as the leaves spray with 50¼g/g naphthalene acetic acid solution, can prevent fruits falling. Another example is the potted kumquat, calamondin, before the fruiting shoots turn woody, with 15 ~ 20¼g/g concentration gibberellin solution spraying can inhibit the differentiation, prevent fruit drop. Furthermore, asparagus in a week or so after the flowers fade, with 10¼g/g of naphthalene acetic acid solution spray one time in the morning, after 10 to 15 days spraying once again, can reduce fruit drop.

Promote fruit precocious, to seedless grape varieties, when the young fruit begins to grow, use 200¼g/g gibberellin spraying ear, can significantly increase the seedless grapes. For seedless grapes, within a week after flowering, young fruit just started to grow, spray 100 ~ 500¼g/g gibberellin solution, can become less nuclear or seedless grapes, and sugar increased, fragrance thickens, with maturity earlier 1 to 2 weeks. Two weeks before flowering and after flowering, each spraying 500 ~ 1000¼g/g daminozide solution, fruit setting rate can be increased by 30 % or more.


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