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This is a article that describes the top ways to fight stress in your life. It gives a brief yet detailed description of how each way helps to reduce stress, giving you a longer and happier life.

Unfortunately stress has become something that effects the lives of everyone on this planet. With high-stress jobs,Guest Posting pressure to be the best, the “go, go, go” theory of life, and relationship issues it’s impossible to not be affected by stress. Everyone has different levels of stress and handles the effects of stress differently. For some stress causes anger, others depression and almost everyone feels tired after periods of extended stress. So while it’s obvious that stress has become a big part of people’s lives and that its bad for their health, what isn’t so clear is how to deal with that stress or better yet defeat it entirely.

Just as everyone reacts to stress differently, everyone has different solutions to cure their stress so I’m going to give you the top ways to eliminate stress from your life, or at the very least make it more bearable.

Exercise: This is something that everyone should do daily to improve their health in general. But exercise is also a wonderful stress reliever. Stress often causes frustrations and exercise, especially exercise like boxing, is a great way to vent and relieve those frustrations. Stress can lead to a lack of sleep and exercising every day makes it easier to sleep at night. Exercise decreases stress hormones and can just be a needed distraction. Not to mention exercise improves your physical appearance and when people feel good about the way they look their stress decreases.


Do Something For Yourself: It is very easy in life to become caught up in all the responsibilities and while being responsible is important it is also very important to save time for yourself each day. Find something that really relaxes you, whether it is taking a hot bath, reading a book or watching your favorite television show and make sure to leave yourself sometime every do just that.


Pets: Spending time with a pet has proven to be a great stress reliever. Even if it is just for a 15 minutes a day, spending time with your favorite furry friend will warm your heart and make you forget about all your stresses, even if it just for a little while.


Stay Organized:  Not being organized can lead to missing appointments, paying a bill late, or just extra stress. If you keep your appointments, to do list, ect. organized then your mind will be less cluttered and as such less stressed. This applies to a dirty house as well, if you come home from work every day and see a dirty house its going to overwhelm your mind and lead to more stress. Keep the house clean, and your life organized and it will be a great stress reducer.


Eating Healthy: Eating junk food makes a person feel sick, and adds weight both of which cause a person more stress. But if you eat healthy your mind and body will thank you. You won’t feel weighed down by unhealthy choices but instead you will improve your physical appearance, feel good about eating right, and improve your health all of which lead to less stress.


Massages: Massages can be rather expensive, that’s true, but if you are severely stressed out then it is worth it. A good massage once a month can make a huge difference. Being pampered for a good hour, while relieving stress in your muscles is a no brainer for reducing stress. If you can spare some extra money each month, find a good massage parlor where you live and take advantage of it.


Socialize: If you work alone or live alone it can really help to spend time with your friends and family. A night with good food, good friends and laughter could be just what you need to alleviate your stress.


Reflexology: You can do this yourself, go online and look up a reflexology chart or buy a book if you want and learn about all the pressure points. You can relieve any headaches you might get from stress, help your body feel better, or just give yourself a good massage. Also you can light a pleasant smelling candle each night or some incense, that will help soothe your mind after a long day at work. 

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