How to Use Masks According to the Menstrual Cycle

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Women should use masks according to the menstrual cycle. 

All women pay attention to beauty. They want to be praised for their good appearance and beautiful skin. In order to have healthy skin,Guest Posting they spare no efforts. Most women turn to cosmetics for help. They wear make-ups when they go out and use masks at home. Experts say that the menstrual cycle influences the condition of skin greatly. Acnes come out on certain days each month. And edema of eyes worries women now and then. To obtain the great effect of masks, women need to use them according to the menstrual cycle. 
During the menstruation, moisture facial masks and whitening eye masks are needed. During this period, a large amount of water in the human body is lost. The skin tends to be rough and dry. The problem of black eyes is severe. Therefore, moisture becomes the key point. 
When it comes to the second week after the menstruation, women are badly in need of whitening masks, replenishing masks and moisture eye masks. The condition of skin during this week is the best, compared with that of other times. Thus, women should make full use of this period to eliminate the melanin as much as possible. With the increasing production of grease, wrinkles around eyes would appear. At this time, moisture is important for eyes. However, we should notice that one or two masks can not solve the entire problem. The effect is not so obvious. Women are suggested to devote the weeks before and after the menstruation to cleaning the skin. It is easy for skin to be oily and dirty before menstruation. Black pores and acnes make women anxious at this week. Though the condition of skin can not be changed through one week or one month, we should still grasp the opportunity to have a clean skin. We can use some deep cleansing masks or oil-control masks. And special pore masks can be applied if your pores are big. But we should be aware that pore masks can not make pores disappear. It only cleans the pores and slows down the stretch of pores. 
The week after the menstruation is called post safe period. The menstruation has taken away too much from the human body. During the post safe period, our skin is in convalescence. The amount of hormones increases at a high speed in this week. If we choose to use repairing facial masks or soothing masks for seven day, our skin would definitely recover more quickly. Repairing facial masks or soothing masks have the function of activating cells. They usually contain acidic substances, such as salicylic acid. Such substances would efficiently eliminate the aging or dead cells, provide skin with enough nutrition and maintain the moisture of skin. But people who are easy to be allergic should try such masks behind the ears.  

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