The Power of Personal Discipline

May 19


Donald Schnell

Donald Schnell

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Article Title: The Power of Personal ... Name: Dr. Donald ... Email Address: ... Count: ... Personal ... ... Self ...


Article Title: The Power of Personal Discipline
Author Name: Dr. Donald Schnell
Contact Email Address:
Word Count: 364
Category: Personal Development,The Power of Personal Discipline Articles Motivation, Self Help
Copyright Date: 2003

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The Power of Personal Discipline ©2003 Dr. Donald Schnell

How can you use the power of personal discipline to improve the
quality of your life today? What areas need your attention
right now?

Perhaps you've had a disagreement with someone you love or
someone who loves you, and your anger won't allow you to
speak to that person. This is the perfect time to bring
discipline into your life. Perhaps you are on the brink of
giving up, being frustrated, starting out, or even starting

What lies between you and your future success? What is the
bridge that will allow you to cross over to your future?

Discipline. Specifically, a special type of discipline -
self imposed discipline. This new discipline will make you
try harder and work more intensely then you ever thought
you could.

Don't wait until things deteriorate to the point of
disaster. Start your discipline today. Discipline for
you, might mean getting up 30 minutes earlier to work on
that special project, report, or other task that needs to
be cleared.

Give yourself 7 minutes to write down the areas of your
life that need attention. Only list 7 things that need to
be done. Write them down. Then immediately discipline
yourself to complete all seven.

Prioritize these tasks. See how much you can accomplish.
Make it your goal, to not be distracted by the phone, the
fax, the computer, or your co-workers until you have
removed all seven from your list.

Begin a new life of discipline. Discipline yourself to
make a list everyday of 7 items. And even more
importantly, discipline yourself to complete all seven.
You are conditioning yourself in this way to develop
completion habits. You will notice that you will not be
plagued by restlessness that nothing is getting done.

Start now with 7 minutes.

Yours in Success,

Donald Schnell

Dr. Donald Schnell co- founded with Marilyn Diamond
of Fit For Life, the Spiritual Java Diet Coaching Program,
that is transforming thousands. The New Spiritual Diet,
Incredible Value, One on One coaching Amazing Results. or email:
Donald Schnell is the author of The Initiation. Free Motivational
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