Awaken Your Inner Winner

May 15


Donald Schnell

Donald Schnell

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Article Title: Awaken Your Inner Winner
Author Name: Dr. Donald Schnell
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Word Count: 284
Category: Personal Development,Awaken Your Inner Winner Articles Motivation, Self Help
Copyright Date: 2003

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Awaken Your Inner Winner

Dear Colleague,

And open mind is a free mind.

Your Inner winner emerges as you open your mind to new
ideas. If you close your mind to new ideas, concepts and
people, you are locking a door that imprisons your own

When you lock your mind down with your prejudices you lock
the doors to your success. Intolerance cuts off the flow
of ideas between your subconscious mind and your conscious

Nearly 100 years ago, the Wright brothers decide to invent
a flying machine. History records how they were ridiculed
by the majority. It was a closed minds that ridiculed.

However, they listened to the Inner Winner. Your Inner
Winner is a voice that encourages you to try and try again.
Your Inner Winner will have courage in the face of
ridicule. It is one pointed and focused on your success.

An open mind is the very key to the science of success.

If you are working on a project and you seem to be stuck,
then form a brainstorming partnership with at least one
other friend. Bring them in on your problem.

Ask for help!

Ask for a brainstorming session. Put the power of two or
more brains to work on the situation. The Wright brothers
succeeded because they put the power of more than one brain
into their dream.

What is your dream? What are you trying to “get off the

Find someone with an open mind and engage in a
brainstorming session.

You will discover that brainstorming forces your Inner
Winner to come to the surface. The more you use it, the
more it will work to assist you.

Successfully Yours,

Donald Schnell

Dr. Donald Schnell co- founded with Marilyn Diamond
of Fit For Life, the Spiritual Java Coaching Program,
that is transforming thousands. The New Spiritual Diet,
Incredible Value, One on One coaching Amazing Results. or email:
Donald Schnell is the author of The Initiation. Free Motivational
Newsletter, The Buzz

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