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May 13


Donald Schnell

Donald Schnell

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Article Title: Do It ... Name: Dr. Donald ... Email Address: ... Count: ... Personal ... ... Date: 2003 ... ...


Article Title: Do It Now
Author Name: Dr. Donald Schnell
Contact Email Address:
Word Count: 481
Category: Personal Development,Create the Happiness Habit Articles Motivation
Copyright Date: 2003

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Do It Now ©2003 Dr. Donald Schnell

Do it Now!

Procrastination has to be the public enemy number one. It
is a career killer.

It seems like an easy enough problem to overcome, doesn't

When you have something to do, do it now! This idea isn't
new, intellectually challenging or in any way detrimental
to your health or well being.

But, are you using the “do it now” philosophy? Are you
creating the habit of 'do it now”? The “do it now” habit
is a universally accepted foundation of success. You will
not find any success author selling, “Do it Tomorrow!” as a
way to success.”

You can't argue with the soundness of this philosophy if
you desire success and personal achievement.

Most people have no difficulty with accepting the idea, the
problem lies with the implementation. Right now you have
something on your desk that needs your attention. It is a
psychic weight that is hanging over you and compromising
your ability to bring your full attention to the other
matters at hand. When you finish this e-mail you will be
able to tackle it and remove it from your life.

Imagine how much better you are going to feel, knowing this
problem is now out of your life?

Why procrastinate? Why do we do it, in spite of the
nervous tension we feel when we delay?

I believe you need to reset the switch within your
subconscious that is purposely turned off to the task. You
may have feed your mind unconscious suggestions that the
task is going to be unpleasant. And guess what? Your
subconscious is making it so.

No one wants to work on a task! It is boring and it is
human nature to avoid that which is boring.

You must link your mind to the success and happiness you
are going to feel when you put this particular project
behind you. Take a minute and invest some emotional energy
in the successful outcome of this project and its benefits.
Think what you will look like and more importantly, what
you will feel like when you have put this project behind

When your anticipation and excitement for the completion of
the project is greater than your imagined “pain of the
task”, you will see that procrastination dries up. You
have to stop feeding the procrastination beast.

Stop giving your mind procrastination thoughts. Your mind
is working perfectly and only providing you with what
you've desired, “procrastination'.

Imagine you have a “DO IT NOW!” switch within your mind.
Turn the switch on.

Stop reading and immediately go to the project and work on
it for 7 minutes. A current of ideas, energy and
accomplishment will flow in your direction.


Dr. Donald Schnell co- founded with Marilyn Diamond
of Fit For Life, the Spiritual Java Coaching Program,
that is transforming individuals. The New Spiritual Diet,
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