The Ups and Downs of Breast Augmentation

Jan 27


Jameson Anderson

Jameson Anderson

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If you are looking to boost your self-confidence with a modern, fuller look, breast augmentation may be just the surgery for you.

If you're looking to boost your self-confidence with a modern,The Ups and Downs of Breast Augmentation Articles fuller look, breast augmentation may be just the surgery for you. With the newer, more affordable and natural looking generation of implants, more and more middle-class working moms and single women are opting to have their breasts enlarged. Before going under the knife, however, there are pros and cons to consider. As with any optional surgery, the patient should research and learn as much as possible before jumping the gun.

Breast augmentation surgery has been one of the more popular forms of plastic surgery over the course of the last few years. Various reasons include the straightforward surgical approach, immediate and permanent results, limited time on the table, and reasonable pricing.

Breast augmentation is a form of cosmetic surgery that leaves most incredibly happy with the look and feel. Visible results are immediate, and the patient can expect to be on the table for no more than a few hours. Precise incisions are made to concealed areas of each breast, leaving few visible scars. Breast augmentation is also not going to break your bank. It is a wise idea to shop around and compare prices before choosing your surgeon. With a little extra research, an affordable rate can usually be found. Certain surgeons are willing to work with you to create payment plans. Payment plans do not require the entire amount before the operation, and allow you to make affordable payments until the procedure is paid in full.

However, there are cons to consider as well. These may include infection, ruptured implants, and possibly an extended recovery time. Because breast augmentation does require incisions to be made, there is the potential risk of infection. This risk is lowered with proper cleaning and avoidance of drugs, tobacco and alcohol during healing. Ruptured implants do happen from time to time as well. If the implant ruptures, silicone may leak outside of the scar tissue and enter the body. If this happens, the patient can suffer large amounts of pain. Also, if the saline contains bacteria, this bacteria can enter the body causing illness.

The healing time varies from woman to woman. Some patients require a few weeks to heal. With effective cleaning of the area and resting, some patients can be on their feet and back to their routines within one week. The heal-time is slightly uncomfortable and painful for most, but the general consensus is the benefits outweigh the cons. A new, bustier look, minimal risks and increased self-confidence keep breast augmentation at the top of the list for cosmetic surgeries.

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