The Healing Properties of Lava Beads

Jan 29


Sanjana Antony

Sanjana Antony

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If you are looking for places to buy lava beads, the stores which are mostly recommended are the online beading shops on the internet.


Lava beads are those beads that come from materials called basalt that are formed when a volcano erupts. These are porous and lightweight,The Healing Properties of Lava Beads Articles and have interesting texture. You may have noticed the bubbles and holes on these beads that make them perfect to use in making bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pins and brooches, and other jewelry items.

The Italians wore these beads first in jewelry form in the 19th century when the volcano Vesuvius erupted. Lava beads come in 2 types: black and brown. The black beads are gray in actual color, but turn into a jet black after some treatments to make the stones smooth. The brown beads however are also seen in red, chocolate, and cinnamon colors. These two types of lava stones are both excellent jewelry components. To make a choker, for example, you may use 4-5 lava stone beads, a 20-gauge, 15mm long wire, and some spacer beads made of silver glass.

For many centuries, lava beads are popular for its healing properties, even if they don’t have the “look” that they can heal. In fact, they are great to calm the wearer’s emotions. The stone is considered to be also helpful in shedding some unnecessary layers of emotional attachment. When it comes to spiritual healing, lava stones can also ground and stabilize the root chakra. These are also given to soldiers who are going to battle to keep them calm during the fighting.

The stones, typically, should be worn in a way that it touches the skin directly, such as the bracelets and necklaces, so nothing will block the absorption of energy.

If you are looking to buy lava beads in bulk for business purposes, for reselling or for making jewelry pieces for sale, you must locate the best places to buy them. The first advice that you might get is for you to do your homework before making any purchase. Don’t get confused by the various sources, so you can’t go wrong. For many jewelry maker and those who are just starting a business, they simply get their beads and other supplies from their local craft and hobby stores.  They tend to forget that these items are available in some better places, such as the internet wholesale shops.

When you buy your required lava beads online and wholesale, you are actually getting the lowest priced beads that you can ever buy. You are also given the advantage to make comparative shopping. You will be able to compare several dealers and wholesalers, so you get the items that you need in the most adorable deals. Also, sales, discounts, the lowest prices, and sometimes free shipping, are things that you don’t normally be provided with by the local hobby shops. 

Always remember the fact that it is very informative and helpful to buy these beads online and wholesale. When you buy what you need from one of the dealers on the internet, you surely will be able to obtain all the information that you may possibly require. This way, you can get the most of the benefits out of your purchases.