Using Brass Chain in Your Vintage Jewelry Design

Dec 4


Sanjana Antony

Sanjana Antony

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Vintage jewelry is getting popular again. Brass chain jewelry is the most popular of the vintage jewelry.


Vintage fashion jewelry has never gone out of its popularity among people.  Craftsmen love to create them for people who love to wear them.  One of the most versatile materials for vintage jewelry is the brass chain. Although chains do not get as much attention as the other jewelry components as the beads and pendants, they are equally as important.  Most often,Using Brass Chain in Your Vintage Jewelry Design Articles they are placed on the background to give way to the part that is supposed to be the focal point of a jewelry design.


Using brass chain in creating vintage jewelry is the perfect way to make something that is apart from the contemporary designs.  Antique-looking pieces continue to be in demand among wearers, because brass chain can help them look their best. For those of you who do not know yet, brass is an alloy of zinc and copper, each having varied proportions.  This variation produces a range of brass metals with varying properties.


A brass chain can be created into jewelry pieces, the most common of which are necklaces and bracelets. To make a necklace, you will need some materials such as raw brass chain, beads (gold metallic), headpins, flower caps, jump ring and toggle clasps, all in brass. The steps involved are easy to follow.  You need to do cutting of the brass chain, attaching one end of the chain to a jump ring, and the other end to another jump ring to create a link. Repeat the process to make several links, the exact number of which should depend on the desired length of your necklace.


The procedure also involves stringing a flower cap and a golden colored bead on a headpin and making a loop on the top of the bead.  To close the loop, this is needed to be attached to a jump ring.  It may be easier to close the loop first and open the jump ring with pliers to attach the loop.  Do not forget to close the jump ring. Then link all the brass chain links together.  The last and final step is attaching the toggle clasps. That is how simple and easy it is to make a brass chain necklace.  If you want to create a bracelet, the process can be easier than making a necklace; you just change the length into the size of your wrist.


Once you have mastered the art of creating brass chain necklaces and bracelets, you may want to proceed to professional jewelry making and start a home based business.  You must find one or two wholesale suppliers of the jewelry making materials such as brass chain.  These vendors can help you a lot to find high quality materials for your projects, at prices that are surprisingly lower than when you buy by piece in bead and hobby shops. When you buy wholesale, you will always have something to use, because when you run out of beads or brass chain, you can always turn to your stock.


For your other supplies requirement, there will always be an online bead store that can serve your needs.  You just need to look for them and make sure that you conduct a good research to know if that store is reputable and can be relied upon.