"How To Build Your Very Own Software Empire In 6 Easy Steps!"

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"How To Build Your Very Own Software EmpireIn 6 Easy ... Brian Terry (c) ... question software products are "THE" biggest sellers online today, pulling in the hugest amount of profits fo

"How To Build Your Very Own Software Empire
In 6 Easy Steps!"

By Brian Terry (c) 2002

Without question software products are "THE" biggest
sellers online today,Guest Posting pulling in the hugest amount of
profits for their creators, and quite often making them
millionaires overnight.

You only need to look as far as Microsoft for evidence
of this important fact.

However, what many people forget is you don't have
to be a Bill Gates to build your own software empire.

In fact, right now there's small army of regular people
like you and me wheeling tons of cash to the bank
day in day out.

Believe it or not all you need is one "decent" project
to quit your 9-5 job.

Read on and I'll reveal to you how you can start
building your own "red hot" software products today!

These simple steps will give you the boost you need
to quickly get things under way:

1. "How to pull hot ideas out of thin air"

Did you know the only qualifications you need
to create and develop "killer" software are a good
pair of eyes and ears!

Then it's just a simple matter of fine tuning these
senses to dig for rock solid profitable software ideas.

Let me explain how you can do this...

Next time you use your computer make sure you
have a pen and note pad next to you.

As you're working away on your PC keep your
eyes peeled for ways of doing things better and
more efficiently.

For example, when you're surfing around a
website hunting down a piece of information you
might think. "If only I had a drop down menu that
enables me to search this entire site for what I'm
looking for!".

Bingo! you've just had an idea for a new
piece of software!

It doesn't stop there either...

You can get software ideas when you're
doing anything, from watching TV to
washing your car. You've just got to tune
yourself in and jot down every idea you get.

As you can see it's easier than you think!

2. "Become a spy and gather intelligence"

So you now have several software ideas...
what do you do with them now?

You need to know if they're profitable.
Is there a market? Will people buy it?

The easiest way of doing this is going to
somewhere like: http://download.cnet.com/
and search to see if anyone else is selling
something the same or similar to your
product idea.

If you find this is the case then excellent! you
might be on to a winner!

It's now simply a matter of just looking for
ways to make your product even better then

For the best results I recommend test driving
your competitions products, make a list of all
the features, take notes, look for way to make
yours better then add your own magic sauce!

Now you've got the following under your belt:
- A notebook full of ideas to research.
- A method of spying on your competition
to expand your own software feature list.

What's next?

3. "Build your blueprint for success"

Just like building a house software needs to be
planned out in every possible detail. The more detail
the better (this will save money and time later on).

Think about how people will be using your software,
should it be web based or a stand alone application?

Will you offer a free demo so people can try before
they buy? Will there be different version of your
software for different markets? These are just a
few of the questions you must ask yourself when
you create the "blueprint".

4. "How to find a first class programmer"

Armed with a detailed software blueprint you now
need a programmer to pull the whole thing together
for you.

There are several types of programmers around,
some better than others and you need to ask as
many questions as possible.

I highly recommend getting some references first
and speaking to them on the phone at the very least.

Here are a couple of places you could try online
where you can "bid" for their services, always aim
for quality rather than size if you're looking at
a company.


If you want low cost programming on a big
project you could try looking offshore to countries
like India, Russia and other Eastern European
countries. There are some highly talented
programmers out there!

At the end of the day you must do your homework
wherever you decide to go.

If you're lucky you may just find a programmer
to work for free - just to build their portfolio!

When you've finally selected your programmer you
need to do these things:

- Agree a price.
- Agree a timescale for completion.
- Agree a payout schedule.
- Agree a contract for the project.

5. "It's all in the packaging"

What documentation are you giving with your
new software? Tutorials? A basic set up guide?
An A-Z reference file? I would suggest all 3 and
you're covered.

Be sure to make it all as easy to read as possible.

6. "Promotion is essential!"

Now it's make it or break it time.

Keep in mind as with your software you need
to plan your site with great care and in the
smallest possible detail.

For the best results create a direct response
website which answers every question your
potential customers may have.

Always emphasise the benefits and use every
opportunity you can to collect email addresses
to follow up on. You could offer a demo or a
30 day free trial. What about a walk through
showing screen shots? There are so many
things you can do here!

To really succeed here are 7 key ingredients
to creating your very own software empire:

1. A series of "hot" software products
2. A website that gets people to "click."
3. A regular involvement in joint ventures.
4. A useful, selling machine ezine.
5. An affiliate sales force doing most of the selling.
6. A viral marketing campaign.
7. An automated sales and delivery process.

Whilst the above isn't a definitive guide it should give
you a good idea about what's involved and how
you can easily do the same.


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