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The Paslode CF325 902200 has a striking orange finish and a cool design- it's surely nailer that you would be proud keep in your tool collection.

The Paslode CF325 902200 has a striking orange finish and a cool design - it's surely nailer that you would be proud keep in your tool collection.This nailgun is about as durable as any other pneumatic nail gun that you'll find on the market. And it's powerful enough to be able to deliver a nail through the toughest of woods.
The Paslode CF325 will take nails from 2 inches to 3-1/4 inches in both clipped and round headed nails. carries up to 48 nails at most,Guest Posting which quite honestly is quite a small number. The 3-1/4 in black tip coated nails are great for a host of uses including framing, decking, trusses, sheathing etc.The nailer comes with a lot of useful goodies - safety glasses, an owner’s manual, a hex wrench, a fuel cell, a rechargeable 6 volt battery, a 2 hour quick charger, and a carrying case.
Michael from Maine says this about his new Paslode
"the gun works like a charm! toe nailing is greatly improved with this gun because of the new tip that you can change depth with your hands. I used this gun all day for framing a big deck, went through half a box of ACQ 3 1/4" nails and every time I pulled the trigger the nail drove home, not one miss fire. when gun gets hot it still keeps working perfectly (new stainless O rings) the fuel cell is easier to load and unload. Much improved over the previous 900420 cordless Paslode framer. The only reason why this gun gets a 4 star is because you can't buy the fuel cells without buying a box of 1000 Paslode nails. New orange fuel cell is different than the red fuel cells and you can't switch the cap of the fuel cell. they say that you should be able to drive over a 1000 nails with one fuel cell, well from what I've experienced with the 900420, if you don't have the perfect weather conditions (like 15 degrees) your fuel cells don't last that long and you need to keep an extra cell warm in your pocket, so while the one in your gun is getting too cold to work, you can switch with the warm one in your pocket. If they start selling fuel cells separately I will change the 4 star rating to 5."
We've done a fair few nailer reviews in our time, and this one was a joy! The most attractive side to this nailer is the lack of cord. The Paslode is made of top quality parts, and looks good. The design showcased a well built product that felt nicely balanced. Whilst testing it always performed excellently and gave us zero problems. It was a delight to use. 

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