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You don't need to chase clients; you can attract them to you by narrowing your focus and defining your niche. Share your expert knowledge and clients will come.

A fisherman who casts a wide net may catch more fish,Guest Posting but the one who throws out a single line with a special lure will catch the prized barracuda.

Potential Clients are constantly searching for experts to solve their problems.  When a rash breaks out you go to a dermatologist.  When the car needs an oil change you head to Jiffy Lube.  When the New York Yankees are leading by 1 run in the last inning they call out their "closer."  Expertise sells because expertise works.

Becoming an expert in a specific niche will accelerate your business in several areas.  It allows you to focus on specific clientele and not waste energy in the search for consumers.  Specific expertise gives the opportunity for name recognition within that community.  A niche also permits you to expand your knowledge with ease. 

Now it’s time to convey your expertise to the marketplace.

Put yourself into the public eye as an expert.  There are several ways to do this through website marketing, business cards, and stationery.  People believe what they see.  Make it easier for them by putting it on your correspondence.

Always hone your ability.  New technology, teachings, and techniques are a constant in today’s world.  Be current on your knowledge and be able to offer new solutions to clients.  Make sure to let everyone know your past and present education.  Customers want to know their "expert" is current on things.  They’ll even brag about it to their friends.

Put your thoughts down on paper.  With today’s technology it’s easy to get ideas out.  Write a blog, newsletter, or ebook to spread thoughts and cement your reputation as an expert.

Take a personal interest in every client.  Everyone has differing needs.  What works for one person may not work for another.  Take the time to get familiar with clients so you can explain why your service is the best choice for them.

Make your past work accessible with a portfolio.  People buy based on past work.  A good piece of work speaks louder than any sales pitch.  Make sure to use past client testimonials with your portfolio.  This is a double whammy that will show quality of work and customer service.

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