Metal Promotional Mouse Mats

Aug 17


Samantha Fellows

Samantha Fellows

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Metal is a great material choice for promotional mouse mat if you want to make a flashy statement about your company, and use attractive engraving techniques.


Metal will be the most expensive material you can choose for your promotional mouse mat not only because the material itself is expensive,Metal Promotional Mouse Mats Articles but also because the manufacturing of the metal is also quite pricey.

Another layer of cost will be added to promotional mouse mat in the manufacturing process because metal must be processed in such a way that it becomes a suitable surface for mouse to use effectively. Bearing all this in mind metal is not a good idea for promotional mouse mat that must be produced in large quantities, however if you are only producing a few of these before promotional purposes such as for prizes in a contest that metal can be an excellent material choice for your promotional mouse mat.

The main consideration you must be aware of when designing a metal promotional mouse mat is to ensure that the surface is appropriate for use with a mouse. A highly buffed and reflective surface is completely inappropriate for use with a mouse and will lead to poor mouse precision and a high degree of user frustration. In fact it is likely that a user would rather throw out are very decorative and expensive metal promotional mouse mat that doesn't work well and switch to cheaper rubber one, then continue to use the ineffective mat. There are two ways to add functionality to the surface of your metal promotional mouse mat, either through very detailed engraved designs, or through texturing the surface.

If you choose to engrave the surface of your metal promotional mouse mat you will need to make sure that the engraving covers the entire surface of the mouse mat, and leaves no area un-engraved. This will be a highly expensive process only possible through laser etching techniques and advanced computer design. Therefore this type of surface finish can be extremely costly and is only acceptable for a metal promotional mouse mat that will generate lots of buzz and be produced in limited quantities.

Texture in the surface of a metal promotional mouse mat is a much more affordable alternative. Though it is less eye-catching and then an engraved surface, a textured surface is still quite attractive and in fact may be even more functional than an engraved surface. Texturing the surface of the metal promotional mouse mat is pretty simple, and can be done in a few different ways.

Sandblasting is one popular technique that is both an expensive and highly effective. Water jet texturing is another option for your promotional mouse mat. Water jet texturing is very similar to sandblasting, and you will likely achieve similar results so price should be your guide. Lastly a mechanical finish for your promotional mouse mats can be very attractive. This is known as brushing, and is commonly seen in finishes titled brushed stainless steel, or brushed aluminum. Any of these techniques will make very attractive finishes for your metal promotional mouse mats.