Folded versus Unfolded Business Cards

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What are the pros and cons of folded and unfolded business cards

When you print business cards,Guest Posting you may find that you have the choice to have a folded or an unfolded one. This is a nice alternative feature in printing this marketing tool, where an extra flap is added to give it extra space.

There are advantages and disadvantages when printing either folded or unfolded way. Some might debate on each of this method’s merits.

In this article, we will cover the pros and cons of folded and unfolded business cards. Hopefully this should help some people out there in choosing the right one to use.

Folded • The pros – The interesting thing about folded ones is the extra space. With an additional flap, folded literally have twice the space when compared with a normal business card. This means you can add extra content to it through that extra space.

You can place an advertisement if you want, some extra information about yourself, company information and other data that potential clients or partners may want to know. It basically beefs up the message of such marketing material, making the process of developing business relationships faster.

• The cons – Of course, there are also some cons when it comes to folded business cards. With twice the area size, this means the printing quotation for the printing can also balloon to twice the normal amount. Therefore, you will be paying 100% more for the same number marketing material produced. For some people this can be a deal breaker already. That is why you have to think hard if you want to spend that much money for the extra space.

Normal Unfolded

• Advantages– Now, when we go to normal unfolded business cards, there are advantages aplenty. For one, since you are using standard dimensions, there are a lot of templates to choose from. This makes your design phase a little bit easier and you will have fewer worries. In addition, almost everyone will recognize it for what it is and will not mistake it for a note card invitation and throw it out. Finally, since it is a standard one, printing costs should be minimal and very affordable on your part.

• Disadvantages – The only trouble with common unfolded ones is that it looks like any other out there. It looks like one of the millions that most people encounter every day. Therefore, it will just look simple and not an original one that has the potential to impress people.

Great! Therefore, that is the comparison of folded and unfolded business cards. Just use the kind that should be better for your goals and you should be all set. Good Luck!

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