Global market of metal powder coating is expanding rapidly

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The global market share of metal powder coatings is expanding. The global powder coatings market reached $ 3.94 billion in 1999. It is $ 5.88 billion in 2005. Powder coatings remain strong in growth.

The Asia-Pacific region and Latin America has largest increase. Nevertheless,Guest Posting the market share of North America and European powder coatings in coatings industry is less than 15 percent, while Asia and Latin America is far behind the data.

For the whole area of the boron powder coatings industry, the market's relatively small size of the metal powder coating is striking, except for the top five powder coatings manufacturers in the competitive $1.8 billion pennies powder coatings market, including more than 500 companies from China. Many small manufacturers will be squeezed out of an area, either no longer produce the powder coating or merger, of course, there are some companies will find the market to be successful. The powder coatings market another drawback is the existence of so many small manufacturers arising from the manufacturers a lot of money to research and develop products, and demonstrate new ideas in their products. Only when large-scale suppliers, they are willing to do so. This is a shortage for powder coating industry.

The powder coating industry has grown too fast, thus the influx of a large number of enterprises in this market. Too much and the number of production companies, it is estimated that in the future will continue to corporate mergers. Company mergers and the formation of three major global powder coatings manufacturer. The powder coatings industry and the majority of manufacturers to a large extent depends on the development of the technology, and manufacturers will use their own skills are to promote the development of this aspect.

Coating market, household appliances, transportation, construction and general industrial powder coating is the main fields of application of powder coatings, general industrial powder coating is divided into three parts: metal furniture, construction materials and other. The fastest growing market segments in the copper powder(FCu) coating facilities for lawn and garden, sporting goods, recreational facilities and construction materials (such as aluminum windows and doors, etc.). Automotive painting (including OEM coating, wheel paint, chassis paint, automotive interior and exterior decorative coating, etc.) and also has great growth potential, and much larger than the market of home appliances and furniture, the application of powder coatings in the automotive industry more and more mature.

Environmental benefits are another driving force to promote the development of powder coatings. Many manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce the product of VOC paint. In some areas, the painting replaces the liquid coatings. The powder coating is an adaptation to the environment and is continuously extended to the coating market for OEM products. The VOC content of the powder coating is low and it is easy to clear. Over-spray paint can be recycled. After the construction, coating is basically pinholes, it is usually much easy than liquid coating in constructions. The coating is durability. Although the application of powder coating benefits are obvious, but its negative impact is yet to be studied, large auto scale plant is being tested. Environmental and technological advantages are the key to the powder coating alternative to liquid coatings. The powder coating does not have problems in cleaning. Unlike liquid paint, it is not easy to pollute the environment and it is no flammable. Liquid paint and powder coating do not have these features.


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