Price of Household Powder Coating rises in 2011

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Because that VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions are close to zero, it is in line with environmental requirements, product cost, efficiency and safety of coating are excellent.

Powder coatings are widely used in the production process of refrigerators,Guest Posting air conditioners, washing machines, small appliances and so on. At present, epoxy and polyester resin as the main film-forming epoxy polyester powder coating material are most widely used in household appliances.After years of development, in the field of home appliances, metal powder coatings can not only protect the metal surfaces but also plays an important role  on decorative, corrosion resistance, high temperature, and. However, in recent years by factors such as rising raw material prices, fluctuating prices in the powder coating, which caused great distress to the machine manufacturers.A few years ago, when the global financial crisis struck, when the powder coating industry sales stagnated, manganese powder and with the sharp drop in prices of raw materials, powder coating prices fall into the abyss. But soon, stimulating domestic demand in China, "home appliances", "expansion of national infrastructure" such policy under the influence of powder coatings market can be fast recovery. "2009 and 2010, household appliance powder coatings market has achieved rapid growth." A powder coating manufacturer, the official told reporters in 2011, sales of household appliances within the powder coating will maintain steady growth.From the end of 2009, the raw material for the manufacture of powder coatings is constantly price fluctuations in the prices. Industry sources, epoxy resin, polyester resin prices rising all the way, only the first half of 2010 appeared three times in the range of 10% or more of the volatility, which is a great challenge powder coating business.It is understood that the majority of metal powder exporter recently have begun to raise prices. Since March 1, 2011, the Akzo Nobel raised in the Chinese market sales prices of all the powder coating, according to different product types were up 10% to 20%. Official said that since the second quarter of 2010 has all the raw material powder coating production has shown a rising trend of prices. Although the internal digest a portion of the impact of rising raw material prices, bronze powder(FCu 663) but because of the recent rise in raw material prices accelerated further, and no signs of slowing, the company had to adjust the sales price of powder coatings.Powder coating on the market prices, mainly due to crude oil prices, driven by economic recovery abroad, exports increased powder coatings, as well as the domestic distributor of speculation. With the soaring price of powder coating products are likely to decline in sales phenomenon, and thus exacerbate the powder coatings manufacturers in the market, so this year, the powder coatings market prices may decline slightly.It is learned that the number of china metal powder exporter reaches 1500 to 2000, China's powder coatings market is on superfluous.Smaller enterprises, technical R & D investment is not enough, learn from others, most of the production formula, do not own the intellectual property rights. Powder coating domestic enterprises generally low quality and low price products occupy the low end.The application of Powder coating in appliance industry gives priority to the Second generation bonding metal powder. The most stable one with best Metallic effect is the bonding technology of the second generation metal powder. Comparing with the traditional metal powder coating technology and first generation metal powder bonding technology, this kind of technology can significantly improve the bottom and metal powder pigment and adhesive bond degree ratio. It makes more uniform distribution of the pigment and resolves the problems of powder particles in the storage, transport and easily separation between pigment and powder. It achieves a more uniform metallic color performance results. In addition, in the coating process, any loose paint can be recycled, thereby it saves the costs. Source: http://

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