Help deciding whether to Rent or Purchase Lecterns as part of your Exhibition Furniture

May 22


Murphy Lapland

Murphy Lapland

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You will have a wide range of furnishings to decide from for an event, an excellent choice if your are going to be giving a public talk will be a lectern.

Lecterns,Help deciding whether to Rent or Purchase Lecterns as part of your Exhibition Furniture Articles also known as podiums, are a marvellous option of exhibition furniture if you’re planning on giving a product demonstration or breif presentation at an event as an exhibitor; they will help with promoting an authoritative feel to your talking. Choosing to purchase orhire a lectern will be a an option you will have to consider depending on the trade shows location, your budget and how many other exhibition displays you will need to transport.
When shopping for lecterns the internet is a great tool, allowing you to browse many different types with optional finishes and helping you to find the best choice to fit in with your other pieces of exhibition furniture. Also searching online will help give you an idea of price and help you get one at a competitive rate.
Purchasing  a lectern will be a prudent choice if you are planning on exhibiting at a number of venues, purchasing one will only usually be a relatively minimal percent of your likely budget unless you go for a very high end model with fine wood finishing. You may be concerned about storing and transporting lecterns, but in the current day you will be able to find a wide range of stylish lecterns that can be flat packed small enough to be transported in a car and erected in as little as less than 5 minutes without the need for any tools.
Renting lecterns will be the best option if perhaps you will only be exhibiting at one show and you will have no real use for one thereafter, also if you already have to transport a large about of exhibition displays and perhaps a large exhibition stand, and space and weight will be a problem. If you are hiring lecterns it’s important that you do so early and in good time before the event as many suppliers will have likely sold out in the close run up. 
Lecterns can also come with the option of being wrapped in fabric of graphics, so not only will they be a functional part of your exhibition stand, but also another medium for marketing, also the benefit of being able to wrap in graphics is it will help fit in with the rest of your exhibition furniture and display stands.