How to Generate Income Right NOW!

Jun 24


Helen Graves

Helen Graves

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Why are you in business? I mean, really. Unless I miss my guess, bottom line, there are two reasons. The first a passion for creating a particular kind of transformation and the second reason is to make money.

Unless I miss my guess,How to Generate Income Right NOW! Articles bottom line, there are two reasons,

The first is you have a passion for creating a particular kind of transformation in people’s lives.  Maybe you’re an intuitive coach, or a salsa dance instructor, or you sell organic health supplements.

Whatever the “thing” is you do in your business, you do it because you know the positive impact it can have for the right people.  And you have a passion for sharing that.

The second reason is to make money.

(Ooooh.  Did I see a little cringe when you read those words?)

Logically, you know you need to make money in your business, otherwise it’s called “a hobby.”  (Just ask the Internal Revenue Service.)

But the reality for far too many creative, service-oriented entrepreneurs is we’ve got a sort of love-hate relationship with monetizing our passion.  So we invest all kinds of time, energy and money into the “accessories” (like business cards, logos and websites) but shy away from taking steps to actually drum up paying clients.  We’d rather they find us.

Well, how’s that working for you (or should I say, your bank account) so far?

Here’s the good news – you don’t have to wait until clients come to you to create some cash flow magic in your business.  You just need a bonafide plan, and the courage to put that plan into action.

And here’s the really good news – I’m going to share 5 spine-tingling secrets to solidify your instant income plan with you right now.

Cash Flow Magic Secret #1 – Start Small

I’m all for having big goals.  But if what you need is to create some momentum and generate immediate returns, it does you no good to plan on a grand scale.  For one thing, it takes too long to implement.  For another, the sheer size of the project can be daunting and prevent you from moving forward.  5 new clients in hand is better than 50 in imagination.

Cash Flow Magic Secret #2 – Keep It Simple

Don’t over think your offer, refining and refining until you’ve got the “perfect” thing.  “Should I do the 5-part teleclass on X or the 2-day workshop on Y?  Or maybe the all day retreat on Z?”  Pick whichever you can get up and running the fastest.  (Remember your goal:  money - right now.)

Cash Flow Magic Secret #3 – Don’t Wait Until the Fear Goes Away

Oh boy, if I had a dime for every client who “just needed to get one last piece in place” before she was ready to take action. . . People, that’s just fear talking.  And the fear isn’t going to go away.  At least, not until you get started.  It’s the anticipation that causes the fear, and by definition, the anticipation disappears as soon as you start to move. 

(When you’ve got a simple plan to follow, you can get past the fear and into action quickly.  If that’s what you’re looking for, keep an eye out for news about my brand new Passion for Profit in-person intensive.)

Cash Flow Magic Secret #4 – Focus

Abraham Lincoln told us years ago that we can’t please all the people, all the time.  And yet too many service-centered entrepreneurs try to create programs to meet the needs of everyone who might possibly benefit from their services.  The answer isn’t one generic program, it’s a few concentrated, tightly focused offerings.  (Your audience will pay more and faster for specifics than for generalities.)

Cash Flow Magic Secret #5 – Don’t Separate Money from Mission 

You’re just not going to convince me that the Universe put us here to express our unique gifts, talents and desires, but only if we  promise to stay poor in the process.  On the contrary, I believe that it is a spiritual imperative to make good money from our passions.  Selling your products and programs so clients can experience your special brand of transformation is not ‘selling out.

(My mentor, Kendall SummerHawk, is the Go To Gal when it comes to money, marketing and soul.  Check out her wisdom at

Putting these 5 Cash Flow Magic Secrets into action is the fastest way to put some real dollars into your bank account.  And that money will be a measure of the lives you’re transforming.  Isn’t that why you’re in business?