Candle Light Sets the Romantic Scene

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Ladies and Gents, take a clue from the movies by setting your romantic mood at the beginning.  There is nothing like candles lighting up a room that sets the scene better.  We all have seen the scene; candlelight just makes it right.

She opened the door.  There was no light on just a dim glow at the end of the hall.  What ever was on her mind vanished.  Curiosity arose.  What’s going on was the only question in her mind.  The slight scent of Obsession touched her.

At the end of the hall opening up into the living room candles were lit,Guest Posting first one, then two, beckoning her to the next set leading her into the den.  There it was like the room was ablaze in candlelight, and sitting on the love seat was…

Right from your favorite movie, or romantic novel, the scene is set for Romance!  What woman would not just love coming home to this scene?  First the glow from the candles, and then the scent Obsession and then even more candles lighting the path and creating a romantic mood.  Even if they had a bad day, the sight and smell would have their effect creating a romantic mind set.  Wow!

Ladies and Gents, you too can create these moments.  It doesn’t take a truckload of candles, just a few to set the scene for your lover even if it is only a quiet evening sharing your passion with each other.  What ever the world was doing to you was locked up outside that closed door.  The romantic mood began as the door opened and it can continue for as long as you like.

Candles just have that way, especially if they have that very special scent that just adds to your moment.  Candlelight has always been associated with romance with love with tender moments in our lives.  So take that hint from your favorite movie and create one tonight.  It doesn’t matter who comes home last.  Even a man will be moved by the candlelight and that scent as he walks in. 

Using your imagination to create a scene leading to a romantic setting will even have its own effect on you.  Just thinking about it will start putting you in the mood for romance.  It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or gal, it will set your mood as you set the scene for that very special person in your life especially if you are courting.

You see candles play such an important part in romance.  We immediately recognize the scene.  We can’t help it.  We’ve all see it before and just know.  We feel that special feeling come over us.  We see and since the emotions because of the sight and smell coming from candles.  What ever was going on is no longer so important.  Our special person has taken time to set the scene for romance. 

What a wonderful thing it is when someone cares so much about you to just make a moment right and take you far away form that world you walked in from.

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