Candles Make the Unity Ceremony

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Every wedding has a theme based on colors.  The colors are for the gowns, decorations, and flowers.  Add to them the aromatic aura by using scented candles in your Unity Ceremony, place them appropriately within the chapel or church, and as Wedding Favors. The aromatic feeling will permeate throughout the chapel or room making your wedding a memorable one.

When planning your wedding you consider the colors for your gowns,Guest Posting tuxedos, and the decorations including flowers.  You decide upon the ceremony you desire and if you choose to use the Unity Ceremony, you will need three candles.  Two taper candles, and one Pillar candle with matching candle holders.

The Candle Unity Ceremony begins at a predetermined point, usually after the couple has exchanged vows.  Two small tapered candles are lit, one by the Groom and one by the bride with the larger Unity Candle remaining unlit between the smaller candles.  The couple lights the Unity Candle together using their tapered candles and extinguish the taper candles leaving the Unity Candle burning representing their union.

There are other variations in which the Mothers of the Bride and Groom, who are normally the last guests, light the two smaller candles.  The ceremony is ready to begin. 

As the Ceremony begins and as the two are joined as one, a predetermined point is chosen when the Bride and Groom together light the middle or larger candle and extinguishing the other two as a sign they have joined together

Imagination plays a part in your wedding plans.  If you were going to use the Unity Ceremony perhaps you would like your wedding to have the aromatic effect as well as the sight effect.  Using the scented candles placed along the sides of the seating area will fill the room or chapel with the scents you desire.  Always check with the church or place you are holding your wedding in to be sure this is acceptable.  These candles in a proper holder can be lit when the first guest arrive to provide the desired aroma that fills the chapel.

In choosing candles it is best to coordinate the scent you desire with the flowers you have decided upon.  Secondly you want the colors of the candles also to blend with the flower colors of your choice.  The idea is to fill the room or chapel with your desired sight and aromatic aura to help your guests and you to remember your wedding. 

Wedding planning is the key.  You must decide if you wedding budget can support the idea of giving a candle as a wedding favor, or just having them along the side of the seating area along with using them in your Unity Ceremony. 

Making your wedding perfect is your goal.  If you want to add the special aromatic scent or just add to the scent of your flowers, candles can make that happen for you. 

If you choose to give a candle, like a votive, as a wedding favor it just night spark a little romance in each of your guests’ life.  When they have gone home and light the candle you gave them, well you think on that a second.  You want your joy to be passed to them as well.  Your day joined with others all sharing in the feelings that only people in love understand.  What a way to say thanks.

You can also add the aromatic candles within your reception to continue that special feeling from your wedding ceremony.  Combining sights, sounds, and aromatic conditions will make your reception very memorable for everyone, and mostly for you.

It’s your wedding.  Fill it with the senses you will remember all your life.   Remember to have someone save your Unity Ceremony Candles.  The two tapers you can light just to remember your day, and one Unity Candle to be your Anniversary Candle!

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