How to Get Your Ex To Take Your Calls

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How often have you wondered lately if there's some magic formula that would get your ex to answer the phone? Well, there may not be 'magic words', but there are certainly some secrets from psychology that will seem magical when you use them.


Is there a 'magic' formula you can use to get your ex to take or return your phone calls?

It's not hard to believe that there ARE words tuned to your ex's mental condition that will virtually cast a spell. The secret is to have a plan both before and after your ex feels almost compelled to return your call.

Most of us are aware that words can have a powerful affect on the human mind,Guest Posting but what words will get the effect that you want?

I am going to share this secret with you because this is one of the biggest questions from people just like you who are trying to put their relationship back together. So I am going to answer..."What phrases will virtually guarantee that I get my ex to return my phone call, text or IM?"

Here we go...

but before we get into the actual words, let's go over what message almost NEVER works.

and worse... (you can guess 'the worse'), puts you in an AWFUL 'psychological' position.

NEVER, Never say these things!

The "never phrases" usually fall into 2 categories.

1.     The PLEAD - Where the message sounds like:

         "John, please, please call me. This is the 3rd
          time I have called. I HAVE to talk to you."  and,

2.     the EMERGENCY:

       "Cindy, this is an emergency. Please call me
        as soon as you get this."

You can probably see what is wrong with either of those approaches?

So, I won't go on and on... Here's a power key you need to know:

Use Curiosity & Self Interest To Your Advantage

Two of the most powerful forces in
the human mind are

1. Curiosity &

2. Self-interest

And here's the BIG SECRET!

When you combine these two forces, you create a power that will literally work 'magic'


Let's look at how to harness the two most powerful mental forces for your benefit.

In a friendly tone, say:

"Hi Sarah. It's Mark. I wanted to let you know I appreciate what you did for me. Call me because I want to thank you in person."

Do you see BOTH curiosity and self interest hidden in that phrase?

Sarah will NOT be able to resist! "What did I do?" "What does he appreciate?" she will be thinking. And she feels good because it is a positive message. She doesn't feel the normal 'dread' of your calls.


Before you call be sure to decide on something that he/she did that you appreciate. You must be ready to carry on the conversation when it starts. It can be any small thing...but needs to be plausible. If you apply this powerful technique to open the door, but have no underlying strategy, you'll do more DAMAGE than good when they call you back.  

That's simple enough isn't it?

What I am saying is...

What you do before, during and after you get them to return your call is MORE important than getting them to return your call.

Make sense?

Just a warning though. Have a PLAN and be ready to follow the
plan during your conversation.

Rooting For You,
Stanton Douglas

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