How my mind sees you

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How one's mind creates it's own image of a person

You invade my senses.  I feel your presence. It is undeniable. You affect me in so many ways. And I am changed by you. This moves me to know you and to grasp your very nature.

But no matter how deep my understanding is of you,Guest Posting it will never be whole. Gaps exist in the picture I have created. Thus, my mind attempts to fill what is missing. But this image only appears to be complete. And what I fathom about you may not be accurate or true.

Try as I might to create a complete image of you, it will unavoidably fail to capture the entirety of your essence. Because it is an understanding derived solely from a single viewpoint. Asking you to define who you are will still fall short of what it is I seek. And a multitude of different perspectives of you will not be sufficient to encompass who you truly are. Each one will merely be a sliver of what is real and true.

How I see you is therefore a mirage of what my senses tell me. The way I understand you is but how my mind comprehends what my thoughts and feelings about you reveal. Thus how I perceive you and your reality may merely be figments of my imagination. An imperfect picture of you is all I will ever have. I therefore arrive at one conclusion, that the error of my perception is the illusion of your existence.

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