17 features that make your autoresponder an **AUTORESPONDER** - Part 2

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In part one of this two part series, we looked at the first nine features that make an ... an ... In this second part of our report, we will take a look at the ... eight

In part one of this two part series,Guest Posting we looked at the first
nine features that make an autoresponder an
**AUTORESPONDER.** In this second part of our report, we
will take a look at the remaining eight features that will
turn your simple autoresponder campaign into a raging sales
machine. The key is choosing the correct **AUTORESPONDER**

Here is the rest of the **AUTORESPONDER** necessity list

9. Pop up email capture device. Make it extremely easy for
your prospects to subscribe to your newsletter, eZine,
eCourse or eBook. With one click, your anonymous visitor is
transformed into a valuable subscriber. Your visitor simply
clicks "OK" on a pop up window and they are subscribed with
no forms to fill out. This popup records the visitor's real
email address and eliminates the hassle of finding out that
SuperMan@yahoo or DonaldDuck@hotmail are subscribed to
your publication.

10. Personalization. Your response rate to your email will
increase 30 - 70% by personalizing your messages. People are
more responsive to email that addresses them by name and
doesn't look like an advertisement.

11. Easy to manage database. Your **AUTORESPONDER** should
give you access to a feature rich control panel which makes
it easy for you to manage your customer lists. Functions
such as easy list back up, manual subscription and removal,
and the ability to keep separate lists in a single database,
all make your life a lot simpler and save you time at the
end of the day.

12. Simple import/export features. This is very important
when you are working with lists that you have developed over
a period of months or years. The ability to import and export
lists to and from other sources allows you to expose your
current lists to new offers quickly and easily.

13. Manual add/delete function. Since some email recipients
have difficulty understanding the unsubscribe function that
is standard with all **AUTORESPONDERS**, you occasionally
receive unsubscribe requests in your other email boxes. As a
courteous, professional business owner, you need the ability
to remove these people from your lists manually to avoid
complaints. On the positive side, you also encounter
visitors that ask you to subscribe them to your publication,
making a manual subscribe feature a necessity.

14. Ability to send a one off message to your list or lists.
Sometimes, you have information that applies to everyone on
your lists. With a one off email message, you can alert all
of your prospects and customers about an important event
with one simple email message.

15. Message in text or HTML. Although the vast majority of
email users can accept HTML email, there are still some that
don't. By offering the capability of sending either plain text
or HTML email, all your bases are covered and your email can
be accepted by everyone.

16. Formatting. Some autoresponder servers are not configured
properly to send mail to all mail programs. If your formatting
is lost, and your message arrives as one big block of text,
you need to switch from your autoresponder to an
**AUTORESPONDER**. **AUTORESPONDERS** format your messages or
keep the formatting that you have used, intact.

17. And finally, support. If you end up with an autoresponder
company that offers you little or no support, you could be
stuck with a problem or question for a long time with no
results. This may not seem like an issue now, but imagine if
your clients suddenly start receiving your planned two-week
campaign all in one day, over and over again! An
**AUTOREPONDER** company offers a quality support feature,
so this type of problem is taken care of immediately.

There is a great difference between an autoresponder and an
**AUTORESPONDER.** There are no questions about the benefits
of using an **AUTORESPONDER** in your marketing, the only
question is which **AUTORESPONDER** company you will use.
After trying out dozens of free and paid autoresponders, I
have settled on my two favourites to run my marketing
campaigns. My two personal favourite **AUTORESPONDERS** are

SendFree - FREE **AUTORESPONDER** with some of the bells and
whistles, http://www.sendfree.com/affref.php3?ref=39695

Automarketic - **AUTORESPONDER** with all the bells and
whistles at an affordable price,
http://automarketic.com erry

In today's business world, the early bird gets the worm. If
you are still relying on responding to customer requests
manually, you are not offering the fastest possible service
to your customers. The scary part is, your competitors are.
It's not a question of whether you need to use
**AUTORESPONDERS**, it's only a question of which
**AUTORESPONDER** company you will use.

Good Luck and God Bless.

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