MLM Recruiting- The MLM Success Secrets of Rejection Proof Prospecting

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What are the 2 best kept secrets of rejection proof prospecting in network marketing? Read on!


You gotta love it.

It is the only thing in Network marketing that will actually build your Success Muscles in the MLM Business. But many folks cannot handle it,Guest Posting nor want to go near it.

They just don't understand it.

Not a problem. This article will teach you how to start embracing the 2 MLM Secrets of MLM Rejection Proof Prospecting, in MLM.  It is easy. I embraced this truth  for years, and it will help you create a pattern of emotional mangement and understanding that will help you succeed massively in the face of seemingly endless negatives and NOs.

Embracing these 2 MLM Success Secrets of Rejection Free Prospecting will alone help you move past the negatives in this business. It truly helped me, and thousands of people in our business. It is a radical paradigm shift concerning rejection, but you need to make the shift, if you are going to succeed in network marketing and mlm.

What are these 2 MLM Success Secrets of Rejection Proof Prospecting?

1) People Never Reject You. They only reject themselves.

The truth is, they are only rejecting themselves from the possiblity of Success in their life. It is NOT about you, or anything to do with you. It is simply them rejecting Success in their life as they have been taught to do, with the MLM Success Message you have. Period.

Many people will NEVER see themselves as Successful, and because of that, no matter what you do, say, or think, many folks will reject themselves and stop that from ever happening in their life. They are programmed and conditioned early in life to do that.

They do that with a tiny little word: NO.

They simply do not want to experience the anticipated disappointment of not succeeding, as they have felt so much before in their life. It would only validate again what they grew up hearing, and learning about their inevitable lack of Success. And they many times deep down inside, do not want you to succeed either, as they are afraid you would leave them behind.

Brutal? Yes. 

Sad?  Yes. 

The Truth? Absolutely.

When people start telling you "NO" in this mlm business, understand that most of them are NOT telling YOU No,  but they are saying NO to themselves, to their potential Success they could have had, and to the possibility of an Extraordinary future. And it is NOT just about MLM or network marketing, but about anything that offers some type of Entreprenurial Success.

The Word "NO" to them simply stands for "Not Open."

They believe that their life has no other options except what they are living, no matter how good your network marketing business sounds, and thusly, they are Not Open to any other possible life or future. They have closed the door to Success.

The Second MLM Success Secret of Rejection Proof Prospecting you must understand is:

2)There is NO SUCH THING as REJECTION. There is only DECEPTION.

Many people today that you will be talking to about your MLM Business, have been DECEIVED into believing that Success is for others but not for them. Success is something that is not a normal part of their makeup. Success, they believe, is only for those lucky few. They again, were programmed to believe this, and what they were taught was taught by people who learned to expect the same out of life. It is a generational conditioning.

They will listen to your presentation, and many times appear they are 'with you." But they are just going through the motions. They did not get the message you communicated, nor the info. They were listening, but did not HEAR. Their "Lack conditioning" or programming was dominating the moment.

Many folks are deceived into believing that they are powerless to do anything else, except live a "normal life," and accept what life gives them, and not reach for anything more in life.

It is a three step formula they learn:

1) Instruction - 2) Deception - 3) Acceptance.

They are instructed at an early age that Massive Success is for others, not them, and then end up being deceived from the truth of what could be in their life. And then they end up accepting it as their lot in life, and the only life they could ever live.

Then, when you show up, with all your dreams, hopes, desires, and excitement about your MLM business, and they end up telling you NO, they in reality, are telling themselves NO. And once again, walk away from a very possible, could be Successful life. And this is not the first time they have ever done this, nor will it be the last.


It had nothing to do with you, but EVERYTHING to do with them and how they see life, and themselves living it.

And as a network marketer, you need to pour into their life, and encourage them. A true MLM professional will always encourage people who live in the Land of Lack and dwell in the lower State of Mediocrity.

It really does not matter that they have told you NO. They still can become a customer.

We always taught our folks to give a lot of the prospects who tell them NO, a copy of the little book "As a Man Thinketh," by James Allen. It really opened up a lot of their eyes and it is a great gift that can bring you referrals in the future. And there are also free copies of it you can download on the internet as well. It will help your negative prospects, and set you above the crowd.

REMEMBER- Prospects never reject you, only themselves.

And they do that because of one of life's greatest deceptions, the deception of Success is for others, but not them. And we all can struggle with that if we are not careful.

Embrace these 2 MLM Success Secrets of Rejection Proof Prospecting, and watch your Success enlarge dramatically in Network Marketing and MLM Recruiting.

blessings...doug  (c) 2005/ all rights reserved

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