Choose to be grateful!

Jul 18




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To be happy and grateful is that a must? We are free to feel and think whatever we want. So of course it is not a must.


To be happy and grateful is that a must?

We have the free will of doing and thinking whatever

we want. So of course it is not a must.

But how nice would it be to feel gratefulness and happiness.

I think we are healthier with those feelings.

It strikes me every time somebody dies or you get sick or hurt.

Last Sunday my Mother In-law died.

She has been sick for many years. She was in and out of hospital every now and then. Her sickness was a special hard lung disease that did not want to leave. Her immune system was totally off. So every time that she got a cold she got pneumonia. She was 77 years old when she died. Inga Britt was her name. Even if I knew that she was sick I always thought she was coming back. But she did not this time.

Of course when this happens I am feeling grateful and happy for my health. I am also grateful for my healthy,Choose to be grateful! Articles happy daughters. Their grand mother was taking care of them very much in their early age. Every time they were sick she took care of them. I choose to be grateful to her.

I think it is always a choice we have with whatever feeling we are handling. Have you thought about those people who fight, yell and abuse others? I believe that they just fight with themselves. It is a way to express their lack of happiness.

What can we do to them? How can we stop them for fighting?

Do we fight fire with fire? Well I think you know the answer.

See how we support our children in that area. Some parents actually encourage kids to be loud and not to be well behaved.

Yes we shall let children play and so forth but to what price or when to put an end at it? There is always time for play and time for more serious actions. We can teach kids to use their energy in a more positive way. Let them be out doors to play more.

As I have understood many parents let the kids be playing more with the computers instead of being out side and play.

When I was a kid, not long ago…I had to stay out almost all day long. It was good for us. We got much of oxygen, running and climbing a lot. That gave us strong bone structures and strong muscles. It created healthy lungs. It also gave us the opportunity to use the brain for imagination. That’s good for the creativity. So there are lots of benefits to help children to choose right attitude. You need to provide them with the right environment as well. Support your people around you with a good healthy surrounding. Play nice music. If you want to watch TV do it together and choose funny or educating movies. Play with them both outdoors and indoors.

Talk to each other. Remember to tell them that you love them for who they are not for what they do.


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