Find Your Remedy

Jul 19


Julie Jordan Scott

Julie Jordan Scott

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Too often these days we are ... to believe thereis ... a travesty a foot. We are a ... away from ... a breath away from ... anda step off of the course to ...


Too often these days we are programmed to believe there
is constantly a travesty a foot. We are a heartbeat
away from disaster,Find Your Remedy Articles a breath away from destruction and
a step off of the course to devastation.

The natural tendency with this sort of message being
portrayed as truth would be to simply give up. To
turn ourselves over to victim status, seeing that
disaster, destruction and devastation are life's
warped rewards.

Instead, look towards one of America's most highly
favored entrepreneurs from the past, Henry Ford.
Mr. Ford said these words: "Don't find fault,
find a remedy."

In other words, instead of looking at the garbage
and clucking your tongue, find a solution to the
garbage problem. No, don't hold a bureaucratic
committee meeting about this piece of garbage or
delegate the solutions elsewhere without
forethought, spend time in the nitty gritty space
of creativity: problems and solutions. Predicament
and resolution.

In Napoleon Hill's classic work, "Think and Grow
Rich", one of Andrew Carnegie's Secrets of Success
is called "Master Mind" which was defined "coordination
of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony,
between two or more people for the attainment of a
definite purpose." How a Master Mind works, in
simplest terms, is to use the brainpower of those
people you choose to surround yourself with to
create successful conclusions together.

Not a group of people put together by happenstance
or job title or accident, a Master Mind is purposeful
both in its make up and its structure.

To the group, members bring forward their challenges.
Each participant brings along their own fresh ideas,
their history and their knowledge of what works.
Instead of bringing a chisel marked "what is wrong"
they bring forth a laser beam embossed "Remedies,
Priorities, and Focused Action towards Mutual

Sound idyllic?

Sounds practical!

And it continues to be the way of the most successful
people today.

If you do not have a Master Mind group of your own,
do a quick inventory of your fiiends, associates,
trusted colleagues and people you admire in the
community. Invite a few of them to meet with you
to see if there is a match of interests and energy.

This one simple change may be the one to make all
the difference in the world for you. As Basketball
Coach Rick Pitino said, "Change is what keeps us fresh
and innovative. Change is what keeps us from getting
stale. Change is what keeps us young."

The secret to your success is to be found in your
Master Mind. If it is not happening in your current
Master Mind group, assess what changes need to be made.
Perhaps it is the people, perhaps it is the format
or leadership.

Remember, the opening words from Henry Ford, "Don't
find fault, find a remedy."

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