Reflections on the Season: Good Will to Men

Dec 10 22:00 2003 Anne Dibala, M.D., The Recovery Coach™ Print This Article

Such are the words that are sung, read, and printed ... ... this holiday season. So what do we mean by this ... “Good” means that which is ... ... ... s

Such are the words that are sung,Guest Posting read, and printed repeatedly throughout this holiday season.

So what do we mean by this expression? “Good” means that which is positive, wholesome, health-inducing, salubrious. “Will” means something desired . “Good will” is considered to mean good wishes or intentions. “Toward men” in this day and age, is construed as meaning “toward human beings, female and male alike.”

In this holiday season what do you mean when you utter this phrase? To which people do you wish to expresses wishes of well-being, joy, hope, success and prosperity? How far does your generosity of spirit extend?

Just a thought to consider as we enter a season which as has its underpinnings based upon a teacher who espoused love, forgiveness, and peace even in this world populated by human beings with frail human natures and human emotions, unchanged in our basic natures as 2000 years ago.

One of the differences is that we are more technologically advanced, in some geographic and geopolitical areas. In these regions of technological advancement, we actually may be more socially isolated from a family perspective, and more separated from the basic natural gifts of clean air and pure water.

I hope and pray that we may all examine the manifold gifts that each and every one of us has. May we also reflect upon the phrases we utter in speech, song, and written form, during this short holiday period. These few remaining days of the year 2003 are rapidly coming to an end. May this time give you peace and good will, my friend.

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