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A history of grandfather clocks from traditional styles to contemporary designs

The commitment to old world craftsmanship is one that is not often found. However,Guest Posting the company of Hentschel has guaranteed that the same looks and ability to make this perfection can provide a better look to everything that they do. One of the ways that this is seen is through the Hentschel grandfather clock. This addition into this furniture company has provided more opportunities for better clock making.

The beginning of Hentschel was established in 1890, with it's main headquarters being located in Canada. The concept was to combine a certain level of artistry with the craftsmanship in order to offer this with more contemporary looks. Through the works of this company that began with the traditional clock, is the continuation of their business today has also allowed for a movement to upgrade the clocks, specifically with combining things such as electrical clocks and more contemporary looks.

There are four classes of Hentschel grandfather clocks that are available. These are divided according to the type of craftsmanship available. The first of these is the artist's collection. There are five major types in this area, all which combine a specific look to the clock. This includes more ornate figures that are carved at the top and sides of the clock, as well as a moon dial, a large pendulum and sides. These particular clocks have more weights than most other types of clocks because of the size and figure that is used with the clocks.

The second set of clocks for this particular company is the Hentschel collection. These are known as some of the best clocks and gave this company their signature. All three of the models contain pendulums and chimes, but are also designed with a 3D look. This is because of the glass that is on the side as well as on the front of the area where the chimes are at. The Camelot model also contains Curio shelves which are used on the sides in order to enhance the features of the clock.

After this division of clocks are two sets of featured clocks that are more traditional and have been built since the beginning of the Hentschel company. This includes traditional looking clocks, with two main clocks that are used, as well as the Forest Hill Collection, which includes a set of six traditional looking grandfather clocks from the region. All of these contain long cases combined with cabinets or pendulums as well as moon dials on the top, combined with traditional carvings. These will have a more miniature look to some of them, with others being a larger size.

More recently, the Hentschel grandfather clocks have included the 2006 lifestyle series. These have a more contemporary look with glass in casings, little wood except for around the frame, and the same signature pendulums that allow the grandfather clocks to keep their look.

With all of these types of clocks, a different approach is taken towards putting them together. Either you can have a pre-made clock, or you can get kits with all of the parts in order to put the clock together yourself. This is to help with convenience of shipping and to provide an easier way to get the clock to you. Many of these clocks will also have specific necessities to care for the clock, such as cleaning supplies and oil for the clock. If any repairs are needed, the kits can simply be taken back apart and shipped back in order to ensure that they continue to work and that the pendulum keeps moving forward.

The evolution of clocks from the Hentschel grandfather clocks is one that has included a wide variety of concepts, ornamented looks and masterpieces of art for the home. Through the traditional styles, this particular company has learned how to progress as well as keep the heirloom treasures in their company. This allows them to keep a part of the past as well as the ability to keep ticking into the future.

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