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Being a leader is an art of cogency – the ability to motivate others to do more they ever thought possible in pursuit of higher goals. It has nothing familiar with your position, seniority or authority. To tell the truth, you’re not a real leader if you just have people reporting to you. Surely, you don’t become a leader when on a sudden reach a certain pay grade.

Leadership is not about title power,Guest Posting but, first of all, social influence. A professional manager has an ability to influence others to do their best. So, if your actions inspire and motivate to learn more, become more and dream more, you can be called a superior kind of leader. You don’t need to have people officially reporting you to become a leader. Furthermore, anyone can be a follower, even holding a leadership position.

If you have no skills of giving everyone around you a clear vision or motivating others, then certainly you’re a follower even if you happen to take a leadership position. Remember that followership and leadership are the states of mind. There are two entirely different mindsets and ways of looking at the problems.

To find out are you a leader or a follower, ask yourself several important questions and think carefully on each one.

  • Do you aim to go above and beyond? Simple followers just do their job from day to day and usually don’t go beyond their basic functions. On the other hand, real leaders consider their job description as a first step or foundation upon which they can build something great. They add value wherever and whenever they see fresh opportunities to growth.
  • Are you confident? Followers regard accomplishments of others as a threat, but leaders see it as an asset. They always try to make all things around better, so there is no problem for them to ask for help anywhere they can find it. Leaders are perfect team players.
  • Are you pessimist or optimist? Followers have a tendency to see limitations in every difficult situation. Contrariwise, leaders can withdraw possibilities even when things go wrong because they always try to make things better.
  • Are you open to change? The primary goal of leadership is a constant improvement because they see opportunities in changes. Followers think about change as something troublesome and frightening.
  • Do you hesitate to act? Followers always fear to stumble and do the wrong thing. That’s why, they never try something new. In contrast, leaders aren’t afraid to make a mistake and be wrong. They rather do it than suffer from
  • Are you accountable? Followers are quick to blame others or circumstances. On the other hand, leaders are ready to accept responsibility for their actions.
  • Are you humble? Leaders are humble persons that don’t hesitate to do a dirty work when it’s necessary, and never position themselves better than anyone else.
  • Are you passionate? Leaders do love their works or hobby and consider it as an important part of life. But followers are trapped in the daily routine.
  • Do you focus on title or people? Followers care a lot about their position and just think about their personal achievement. Leaders concentrate on each individual on the team and believe that greatness is a collective feat. They don’t afraid to recognize if they don’t know something and are willing to learn even from followers.

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