A Simple Method for Ridding Yourself of Dangerous Negative Energy

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Negative energy affects all of us. And it affects us adversely.  Negative energy comes in many forms.  This article discusses the various manifestations of negative energy and how to permanently remove it.

There are many terms and definitions for negative energy.  Some people and groups consider negative energy to be a kind of bad vibration that can ruin your day.  On the extreme side,Guest Posting there are people who see negative energy as entities such as demons or evil spirits.  Then there are those that do not acknowledge negative energy in any fashion.  In my opinion, the former statement is correct.  Negative energy exists on a wide spectrum.  Negative energy comes in many shapes and forms.  All of them can be unpleasant and bad for your health.  Where ever negative emotion is found, these parasites are right behind.  Negative entities are present in our environment whether or not we are aware of it. Very rarely can they kill you by direct assault.

Let me give you my personal experience with negative energy.  In my past life, I was involved in the occult.  Apparently I was not the master the magician I believed myself to be.  I engaged in it half-heartedly.  I was more or less an occult dabbler.  My passion was for mysticism.  When negative entities are called upon (I mean evil spirits), they must be dismissed properly, or they will be free to inflict pain on others.  My former self did not put some of his wicked toys away after playing them, and they came to haunt me in this life.  I dealt with several of them over the past years.  After spreading salt and burning sage, I realized negative energy is hard to remove once it has implanted itself.  I tried to communicate to them my authority as master of the house.  I commanded them to vacate the premises immediately.  Not only did this tactic not work, it made things worse.  In fact, one night when I was meditating, a malicious entity etched a mark on my face as a sign of its superiority and power.  At this point, I decided to try a new tactic.

Allow me to share with you the not so secret method for expelling all forms of negativity.  You must take your focus away from it.  All “things” require your attention in order to enter your reality.  This includes negative energy or negative entities.  Manifestations of lower vibrations require your attention to give them power and thereby affect your life.  When you experience a situation or object that you deem to be negative, you generate negative emotion, which has its own vitality.  Worse than that, your thoughts attract negative vibrations from outside of you. This includes “evil spirits,” or you may call them negative entities if you prefer.  In either case, internal and external negativity creates unhealthy conditions within your personal environment.

These entities depend on your attention to thrive.  Without it, they will return to their dark places.  This has something to do with the law of attraction, in that, what you focus on is what you get.  It is a very simple formula.  Therefore, the remedy for negativity is to take your focus off of the situation or object that is causing you pain.  It is straightforward, but difficult to put into practice.  I recommend distracting yourself by putting your attention elsewhere, or on some other activity.  Try raising your vibrations.  This can be accomplished by doing something that brings you pleasure.  The kind of activities you can involve yourself in includes: uplifting music, comedy shows, exercise, reading inspirational books, playing with a dog, being with nature, being with good-spirited friends, and so on.  Use your imagination.  Try something new. There are endless possibilities. 

If you do the things I have mentioned, I guarantee you that even the most stubborn manifestation of negative energy will disappear.  They cannot exist in your reality under these conditions.  Just remember positive thought repels even the most fearsome negative entities.

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