Are You a Stick of Wood for God?

Dec 20 19:21 2019 Bruce McLaughlin Print This Article

The rod of Moses became the "rod of God."  Have you done the same?

The people who receive praise from the Lord Jesus will not in every case be the people who hold leadership in this life. There will be many persons who were God’s sticks of wood that stayed close to God and were quiet before Him,Guest Posting and were used in power by Him in a place which looks small to men. Each Christian is to be a rod of God (Exodus 4:20) in the place of God for him. We must remember throughout our lives that in God's sight there are no little people and no little places. Only one thing is important: to be consecrated persons in God's place for us at each moment. Those who think of themselves as little people in little places, if committed to Christ and living under His Lordship in the whole of life, may, by God's Grace, change the flow of our generation.  Remember, no little people and no little places!

The wealth of Jesus Christ comprises the sum total of all saved souls. Jesus expects Christians to increase His wealth by helping those who are being convicted of sin to make it across the finish line. If we refuse to use our great gift of salvation to help others cross the finish line, then we are no better than the wicked and slothful servant who hid his master's wealth in the ground (Mat 25:14-30).

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