Gift Giving Made Easy with a Towel Warmer

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Those special gift-giving occasions seem to sneak up on us with little warning.  With a busy schedule to manage, you need help with last minute shopping. Give the gift that’s is always unique and is sure to please — a towel warmer and drying rack. A towel warmer is a unique gift of affordable luxury for any occasion or budget!

Whatever the occasion there is a towel warmer for everyone!


1.       Keeps towels warm and dry!

  • Pamper your friends or family with a piece of pure luxury. Wrap up in warmth when stepping out of the shower or bath with a towel warmer.

2.       Control bathrooms dampness and mildew

  • Excellent for rooms that have poor ventilation. Even in the humid summer months the towel warmer will keep towels dry and stop them from smelling musty.
  • BOAT OWNERS will towel warmers! With all that humid air a towel warmer is ideal for drying boat cabins

3.       Save on laundry!

  • Many times towels aren’t dirty they just need drying. Simply thrown the towels on the towel warmer and they are good for the next time. You won’t have to spend time doing unnecessary loads of laundry.

4.       Great accessory for people who have a pool and/ or Jacuzzi

  • Many additional loads are created by all the towels used in swimming pools. Dry swimming suits and towels in no time at all with a towel warmer!

5.       Excellent for drying delicate clothing. Preserve the life of your clothes.

  • Items that could be damaged in a dryer will now be protected using a towel warmer. Clothes and delicate items will last much longer!

6.       Save on energy costs and water costs!

  • A towel warmer will also save you money because they are much cheaper to use than clothes dryers,Guest Posting using less electricity than a regular light bulb.

7.       Dry winter clothes

  • Put coats, mittens on the towel warmer. It will dry the items and they will be warm for the next time. Perfect for Holiday homes!

8.       Warm baby’s clothes and blankets

  • Provide a pleasant, mild heat with a towel warmer to give baby that extra comfort

9.       Simple to set up – the towel warmer is up and ready to go in 10 minutes!

  • Choose from free standing models or wall mounted units. They can be plugged into a 120V outlet or hard-wired into the electrical system.

10.   Safe and effective

  • A good quality towel warmer is safe to run 24 hours a day, always providing fresh and warm towels.

There is a towel warmer style for every bathroom's size and décor and with so many uses your family and friends will love them! Give the gift that keeps on giving.

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