A Seven Step Plan For Success In 2009

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Here's my seven step plan to help you understand and internalize the meaning of success. Follow these steps everyday in 2009 and you will make far more progress and increase your odds of success manifold.

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Many of us go through our lives seeking many things, for example - love, phenomenal personal and professional relationships, a fulfilling career, wealth, super health, a full, rich life...

No matter what you seek, how can you ever be successful in accomplishing the things you want without knowing the meaning of success?

Here's my secret seven-step plan to assist you in understanding and internalizing the true meaning of success. Follow these steps everyday and you will make far more progress and increase your odds of success manifold.

1) Self Discipline - Those who have the ability to do what is required without needing to be poked, prodded or ordered to by someone else will win every time. Gain control of your mind, body and emotions by developing your self mastery skills. Paraphrasing Yoda from the Star Wars films, "Do, or do not, there is no try".

2) United, Strong Support System - Success leaves clues. Locate and develop a strong network of trusted and successful associates that you can rely on 100% to give you honest, productive feedback as you navigate the roads on your success journey. And, be sure to ignore "the Naysayer's", the people who will always be around to criticize, create chaos or try to distract or detract you and knock you off course.

3) Courage - You must develop the confidence and courage that allows your mind to use its full power - in any circumstance. You must have the courage to overcome the fear of asking for what you want or the answer will always be no.

4) Commitment - If anything is worth doing, then only a 110% effort will be acceptable. When your mind properly concentrates and focuses on your wants, all the vital energy of every bodily cell is directed into one channel generating a powerful personal influence. Every one of us is made up of 10 trillion cells. Each one of these has a center where life and energy are generated and stored up. If this energy is not conserved and controlled, but instead wasted, you can not become more productive and influential. Your brain is the reservoir of all your energy. Most persons have all the dynamic energy they need, if they would just concentrate it. They have the capability, but they must also have the "director" to focus it and then channel it appropriately, or they will not go very far. The person that does not develop his "director" skills will not reach the levels in life that he is capable of. The good director controls his every act. With every thing you do, you either advance or lose valuable ground.

5) Enthusiasm / Energy - Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the following two scenarios. In the first, imagine yourself starting each day without clarity of purpose and a lack of direction. Can you feel how tired and unfocused you will be, not only for that day, but for each day that follows?

Now imagine yourself with a sense of purpose and the emotion and desire for achievement. Can you feel how this will give you more enthusiasm, excitement and energy to tackle any challenge? Enthusiasm, excitement and energy are boundless when you develop and engineer clearly-defined goals and a sense of direction.

6) Self Respect (and respect of others) - When you concentrate the full power of your mind to improve the "you" or real self, and its wonderful possibilities, the result is that you develop concentration and self esteem. By doing this systematically you develop more power, because you can not be systematic without concentrating on what you are doing.

7) Stick-To-It-Tive-Ness - No matter how long the journey on your success quest. No matter how many potholes, detours, and other obstacles are in your way. Those who have the will to do and perseverance to stay the course will win the game. It is said that Edison tried over 900 different components unsuccessfully before coming up with his working version of the light bulb. Be tenacious and persevere.

Add my seven-step success plan to your life and accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible in 2009.

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