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What’s the difference between good luck and bad luck?  Answer: perception.

So is there good luck and bad luck and how do you define it?  What does it actually mean to you?

The Australian Oxford Dictionary describes luck as 1 either good or bad fortune 2 circumstances of life (beneficial or not) brought by this 3 good fortune; success due to chance (in luck; out of luck) etc. 

 I’m exceptionally lucky,Guest Posting although I sometimes forget especially when, as happens in life, something briefly throws me off balance.  Luckily for me, I’m back up and at ‘em in next to no time!

 My personal definition of lucky is:

  • Finding an unexpected shopping bargain;
  • Having someone do something out of the kindness of their heart;
  • Missing a crowded train or bus, instead taking an empty cab ride home;
  • Having the love of children and family (including pets);
  • A close and supportive circle of friends;
  • Having optimum health and emotional wellbeing such as:
  1.  20/20 vision;
  2. having a sense of smell – the smell of roses and daffodils, percolated coffee and freshly baked bread;
  3. the ability to taste chocolate, prawns, smoked salmon and the strawberries in the bottom of a glass of champagne (well maybe not all at the same time!);
  4. Inner peace;
  5. Knowing I have the ability to accept who I am and be comfortable in my skin;
  6. Having self-respect; and
  7. Knowing I always have a choice – I will either decide my luck is bad or my luck is great!   

Not only that if I kept going I’d know that I was lucky that I'm alive, lucky that I do what I do and lucky that I've got a sense of humour for when the going gets tough! 

 Because luck is good or bad, continual thinking one has bad luck (perceived or not) ends up with getting more of the same.  Next time an event happens that’s perceived to be bad, think of all the positives that come from it.  There are always positives regardless of the event.

 Earlier today I bought several items, including a dozen eggs at our local supermarket.  After I paid for my groceries I picked up my bags and made my way to the exit.  Imagine my horror as the bag containing the eggs fell to the floor - egg yokes clearly visible inside the bag.  I calmly and carefully picked up the bag and drove home, with the eggs still inside the bag lying on the floor of the car.  When I got home I carefully took out the eggs that were whole and washed off the goo.  How lucky for me that instead of ALL broken eggs I ended up with 7 still intact!  Now that’s what I call good luck!

 Recently I booked my car in for a routine service before an interstate trip visiting family.  To cut a long story short, I ended up without a vehicle for two weeks because the pistons had collapsed.  Apparently had I continued driving the vehicle it probably would have had disastrous consequences – how lucky was that?

 Questions to ask your self:

 Turn “Why does this always happen to me?” into “life happens and today it’s happening to me”

 Turn “Bad luck seems to follow me everywhere” into “How can I better deal with life’s experiences?”

 Turn “I can never get an even break!” into “What can I do now to become more aware of opportunities and take them?”

 If you’ve ever thought “How come everyone else is luckier than me?”  Think of who exactly is ‘everyone’ and at what price does their ‘luck’ come?  They may be lonely, work 80 hours per week, or lacks the support of family or friends.  How hard did they work to be so lucky?  I’ve had people say to me how lucky I am – I simply look at things differently and work hard towards achieving my goals.

 Luck is what you make it; others may be wishing they were as lucky as you.

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