How Other People’s Emotions Can Hurt You

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This article explores the Empath, a person endowed with great sensitivity to emotional vibrations.  The Empath must resort to blocking emotional virbrations in order to maintain his or her sanity.   This often leaves the Empath looking detached and unemotional.

Everyone picks up vibrations in their environment to a certain extent.  It’s like reading body language.  We all do it without knowing it.  Extreme sensitivity it is a type of extrasensory perception.  Sensitive people can physically feel vibrations as they are absorbed into their bodies.  People who are overly sensitive are called Empaths.  They have both a gift and a curse.  The emotional vibrations an Empath picks up feel like little pin pricks vying for your attention.  Sometimes they feel like butcher knives.

Emotions are the most powerful vibrations.  Emotions make the world go round.  Emotions give color to the universe.  At the same time,Guest Posting if an Empath leaves himself (or herself) open to receiving the emotional vibrations of others, he is sure to drown in them.  I cannot say the Empath is in an enviable position. 

One technique Empaths use to avoid getting sucked into someone else’s emotional vortex is to block it.  The Empath will put up a protective shield to keep those intense vibrations out.  Blocking emotion is all the Empath has.  Some people say you must feel the emotion and process it to stay in good health.  However, it’s not that simple.  An Empath has his own thoughts and emotions to deal with, along with everyone else’s emotions.  These feelings can be overwhelming. 

There is a distinct difference between one’s own emotions and that of another person.  While the Empath can handle his or her own emotions, it is an entirely different matter when it comes to processing other people’s emotions.  An experienced Empath recognizes this difference and treats each emotional vibration accordingly.  There are many Empaths who cannot separate the two sources of emotion and they resort to pushing down their own emotions with the rest.  These people appear to be devoid of emotion when the opposite is actually true.  The world labels these confused Empaths as being cold and insensitive.  Empaths simply need help separating their own emotions from other people’s.  It’s possible that a therapist or spiritual counselor with the proper training could help the Empath work through his or her difficulties and become proficient in managing their extrasensory ability.

Some people can handle other people’s emotions.  They have mastered their sensitivity.  These masters can do a lot of good for the world.  They are able to console people in their sadness.  For the rest, it’s crucial to recognize the dangers of getting caught up in someone else’s pain.  Emotions can damage a person’s psyche.  They can literally kill.  You could suffer a heart attack, a stroke, or any other medical condition for that matter.  I may sound overly dramatic about this, but it's all true for the Empath.  It’s very unusual for me to talk about this side of metaphysics (if it fits into that category).  I hope this article helps people experiencing this challenging condition.

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