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Have you ever made great progress with your goals but then found yourself losing focus and getting ... Do you ever achieve ... gains but then get ... and “fall off the wagon,”

Have you ever made great progress with your goals but then found yourself losing focus and getting side-tracked? Do you ever achieve significant gains but then get distracted and “fall off the wagon,” so to speak? As we all know,Guest Posting everyday life can get in the way of reaching our most important goals.

My clients often ask me how to get back in the groove when they’ve veered off course. They often say things such as: “I was doing so well. How can I get back on track and recoup all the advancements I’ve made?” A technique I recommend is to write a “success memo.”

A success memo outlines the key elements that exist when you are at the top of your game. It lays the breadcrumbs that lead you back to a place where you have a winning state of mind and can refocus on your most important goals. Your memo provides you with your personal success formula: step-by-step instructions on how to get back on course, consolidate your gains and move up to the next level.

For example, I have a client who is required to travel internationally for business every few months. Upon return from these trips, she would often feel “off kilter” and it would take her several weeks to regain her energy and momentum.

I asked her what made her feel off balance. She responded that upon return, she would feel sluggish, edgy and ungrounded. I then asked her to identify what it was about international travel that caused her to feel this way.

She replied:
- Not getting enough sleep because the colleague she travels with (her superior) likes to work late at night
- Feeling stiff and cramped from long hours on the plane, lugging heavy bags, not stretching, etc.
- Lack of personal downtime because she was always on the go during her trips.

I then asked her to pinpoint the elements that exist when she
feels strong, energized and at the top of her game.

She replied:
- Regular exercise
- Adequate sleep
- Stretching
- Writing in her journal
- Time alone

These are the things that make her feel balanced and grounded. She now knew what was missing during her business trips and could take specific action steps to remedy the situation. Now she packs her workout clothes so she can exercise on the road, brings her journal, and stretches on the plane and throughout each day on her trips.

She also sets boundaries with her colleague by (politely) letting him know she cannot work into the wee hours of the morning. She now returns from her trips with more energy and
a greater internal capacity to transition back into her everyday life with a positive mindset.

What are the essential elements of your personal success formula? Create a list and use it to write your own success memo. This week, schedule a small block of time in your calendar to get started. Once you’ve completed your memo keep it close by as a guide to operating at your personal best.
Here’s to your success!

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