3 Reasons Why You Must Give Your Ex Space to Get Back Together After a Break Up

May 5


Dimmy Apostolovski

Dimmy Apostolovski

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Giving your ex space after a breakup might seem counterintuitive, especially when your emotions are running high. However, maintaining distance is crucial for both personal healing and any potential reconciliation. Here's why stepping back can significantly increase the chances of getting back together with your ex.

The Importance of Space Post-Breakup

Let Emotions Settle

Breakups often occur in the heat of the moment,3 Reasons Why You Must Give Your Ex Space to Get Back Together After a Break Up Articles where emotions rather than logic drive decisions. According to a study by the Journal of Positive Psychology, it takes 11 weeks for the first signs of recovery from a breakup to appear. During this time, both parties need space to cool down, reflect, and regain emotional stability. Harassing or pressuring your ex during this volatile period can lead to permanent estrangement.

Understanding What Went Wrong

It's common for one partner to plead for another chance post-breakup. However, without a clear understanding of the issues that led to the breakup, promises of change are meaningless. A survey by the American Psychological Association found that lack of communication is a leading cause of breakups. Giving each other space allows for introspection and a better understanding of the relationship's dynamics, which is essential for addressing underlying issues.

Assessing the Desire to Reunite

Before attempting to rekindle a relationship, it's crucial to ask yourself why you want to be back with your ex. Is it fear of loneliness, genuine love, or something else? Understanding your motives is key to determining whether pursuing a reunion is healthy or potentially harmful. A study by Kansas State University suggests that couples who reunite without resolving prior conflicts are likely to experience the same issues again.

Key Statistics and Insights

  • Emotional Recovery: Individuals typically start to see emotional recovery from breakups within 11 weeks (Journal of Positive Psychology).
  • Communication Issues: Poor communication is a primary factor in 65% of breakups (American Psychological Association).
  • Recurring Problems: Approximately 50% of reunited couples face recurring issues from their past relationship (Kansas State University).


Giving your ex space after a breakup is not just about them needing time; it's also about you gaining clarity and perspective. This period of no contact allows both parties to heal, understand the breakup's causes, and evaluate their reasons for wanting to reunite. By respecting this space, you increase the chances of a healthier and more sustainable relationship if you decide to get back together.

For more insights on handling breakups and understanding relationship dynamics, consider reading resources from the American Psychological Association and exploring studies in the Journal of Positive Psychology.