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Necessities, comforts and luxuries in our lives depend significantly on the time duration.

If for me a particular thing is a necessity,Guest Posting it might be a luxury for someone else. For example, when cellular phones approached the markets, in the initial stage of their growth only few people carry them and for them its a luxury which was giving them comfort at the same time. Besides that, one cannot deny the fact that with the everyday transformations, it is extremely important to consider the categories of people in our society. For the affluent group, affordability issues will not occur. With the increasing number of innovations and inventions, they can buy and consume a lot of things and for them every luxury item will become their necessity and required need. The notion behind this statement is, that they wanted to adapt according to the growing and changing environment. In this information era, everyday advancements in technology and science have a huge impact on the costs of resources, which influence the prices of goods and services. Here I would like to give light on the previous example of cell phones. At present, their usage has become a necessity and everyday need because with the introduction of latest models and accessories in cellular phones, the competition in the markets has risen; consequently their prices have gone down and vary accordingly. Therefore, it becomes feasible to middle and poor class people to afford them at a cheaper rate. To sum up, necessities and luxuries go hand in hand and todays luxury would definitely develop into tomorrows necessity. Humans would never stop their dreams and wishes.

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