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Some feelings can be an addiction and a trap to hold us within limitation.

Feelings are in many ways a stimulation,Guest Posting a way in which to enjoy the physical.  When looking back at the culture of the past and also today, it is obvious that people are addicted to certain feelings whether they are good or bad.  They yearn to have the experience over and over.  Whether those feelings come from love, drugs, anger and other emotions, sex, or music, maybe it could even come from something as simple as the enjoyment of the feeling of the warmth of the sun.  Everyone has a feeling that they long to experience over and over.


When characterizing a feeling it is obvious that the body is stimulated by certain reactions.  Just as we fall and feel pain, we can do things to the body that also feels good, like for instance perhaps the feeling of skin and sensation can give a lot of pleasure to our senses.  It does not really matter what feeling it is and how we utilize it into emotion, but in some forms they can become very addictive.


If addiction of drugs is bad for you in one way and yet good in the effect that you get from it, this would then also apply to all the other feeling addictions that we have.  It is definitely nice to feel things that we enjoyed the first time and revisit it over and over.  Some feelings will never die in their pleasure value and may be an addiction we will never want to overcome.  However it is looked at it has its good and bad sides, and can be viewed from what ever angle we wish.


Whatever way we view it, the question that is never asked is that can these feeling addictions become our own very trap within a world of so much more possibility?  Can they make us continue in a never ending cycle of drug addiction that contains us in a box that we will never want to leave from?


This is the whole irony of feeling addiction that often people question that if something is good then why stop experiencing it?  Well that is a correct assumption however there are always two sides to every story.  Even the most endearing of feeling can turn a person to addiction, changing the very fabric of their own character and making them do things that they would not normally want to do.  In a trap there are only so many ways that a person can turn and move before they run out of options.


Imagine that you are a person that is so deeply in love with a feeling that you could not ever imagine living without it.  That you would even sacrifice your very own morals just so you can hold onto your feelings and desires for what you hope is the rest of your life.  Your whole life is encompassed by this very feeling and you never want to give it up, not for anyone.  This may be a choice of our own doing and in some cases might not have big consequences.  However what we consider consequence is also dependant on our own upbringing and what we choose to accept within ourselves. 


This could also be seen in another way, even when looking at feelings that we would normally encourage and accept in a cultural way.  We can also get so addicted to it that it can make us do things that might lead away from accepted understanding.  An example of this could be when it comes to food, that it is socially accepted by most in this world that it is a good thing, something to enjoy and something that nourishes us to survive.  Then someone comes along and they like the feeling that food gives them so much that they eat and eat until they almost cannot stand up from the weight of their body.  This over stimulation then is doing the opposite to their body, not nourishing it but instead hurting it. 


When certain feelings become an addiction then they no longer become normally accepted in our society’s eyes.  When we get too overweight then it is considered much more health taxing, not only on the individual but also on the society at hand when it comes to health care, sickness and hospitalization, when involving heart conditions and other things that come from excessive overeating. 


It is not only in overeating that we see these things happening, but in many other forms, even when it comes to the need we have to be with others.  Something as simple as a love we have to be with another and the feeling we get from their company can cause issues within our life if it is taken to an addictive level.  Especially if it comes to the other person not wanting to participate anymore in the partnership and yet you cannot live without them, it then turns this addicted feeling into pain and people can become so overwhelmed by the loss of such feeling that they can go to the extreme to try and keep it.  Maybe even to kill or kidnap the other person in order to try and keep them in their life.


These are of course extreme angles of what addiction to feeling can create.  Most do not have an overpowering addiction to one feeling alone but instead choose many different feelings that they like to move back and forward from.  A feeling only becomes an addiction when we no longer get what we want from it and yet we cannot live without it.


The key to overcoming these feeling addictions is to learn to balance the feelings that we choose as important.  We can all learn to look for many more feelings and stimulation to widen our perception within the current framework.  The smaller a persons field of vision can make for a smaller cage of restriction that they live within.  This means that if they were to expand their enjoyment with feeling they would then learn to balance things in their life to a more expansive viewpoint.  Allowing room then for new ways to receive feeling stimulation and also to access the ability to move on from things, that is the ability to accept change. 


Feeling can be an addiction which can hold us into a cycle of repetition that can become so hard to overcome and learn to change from.  Balance is the key to acceptance, and the ability to move into other choices and to see the world from less limitation.  This does not mean we have to give up the feelings we enjoy but only expand the possibilities to which we come into contact with them, in turn allowing us to experience also many other things as we discover new feelings and experiences.  It can also expand our enjoyment of feeling, bringing in more possibilities of feelings that we might not have discovered in the box that we sat holding onto one feeling that only overwhelmed us in the end. 


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