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Face an issue with your favorite Facebook account, don’t be a worry at all. There are multiple methods to contact Facebook employees and resolve the issues.

When you find a photo,Guest Posting post, or any other comments that violate the common interest of people, you can report that post. After you report the post, a Facebook executive will review the post and delete it immediately or take another necessary step. Here will narrate detailed information to contact Facebook Live Person. Follow the below steps:

Sent an Email to Facebook authority: If you face any issue related to Facebook you can send an email to the Facebook executive. You can draft an email by describing your issues and also you can attach a screenshot in the mail and send it to the Facebook authority. As soon as they will get your email, a Facebook live person will reply to you with the solution to your problem.

Connect to a Facebook live person via live chat:  If you open your account in the US, then go to the help section. Here you will find the chat support. Click on it, one chat box will open. Here you can describe your issues to a Facebook live person and seek technical support.

Fill out a Facebook contact form: Facebook provides a direct contact form to its customers. The user of Facebook can fill out the form as per their concern and submit it. The Facebook authority will contact their users as per their contact and provide help to resolve their issues.

Make to tweet to Facebook executives: Facebook or Meta employees have various tweeter accounts. You can easily find a Facebook executive on a major social media platform like tweeter. Here you can Tweet them about your matter. The employee will revert you with a solution.

Send a direct message to a Facebook live person: Facebook provides extra facilities to the user who holds Business accounts. Business account holder users can send a direct message to the Facebook authority about their issues.

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Another method to reach out to Facebook executives is via the LinkedIn profile of Facebook. Additionally, you can send a letter to Facebook's official address by describing your issues and also mention your phone number to contact you by the Facebook live person. If you want phone support for your Facebook account, you must remember that Facebook doesn’t provide any phone support for Facebook profiles.

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