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Community values are explored. The value of giving back to the community and being involved with one another is an important building block of a strong community.

"We seem to need to see ourselves as going somewhere - as being on a journey in pursuit of a significant purpose." Kenneth Thomas

Politicians speak all the time about community values,Guest Posting strength of the community, and community responsibilities. Are these just words? Or does the rest of the country really believe in a concept of community? Generally, every human being has an innate respect for the community in which he lives. However, in practice it is a different story. A lot of us don't even know our neighbor's last names (if we know their first names). We get involved with our own lives and don't see those around us.

A healthy community can contribute a great deal to individual, family and community success. A community, like those of very old African and Asian cultures, benefits the individual by sharing the individual's responsibilities and commitments. A helping hand relieves stress and opens the door for more time to pursue other goals. If each mother on a single block agreed to take one another's children one night a week, once a week, you save money on child sitter's and you get an extra day out of the week to focus on something that does not involve the children. Your neighbors benefit from the same generosity. Each member of the community protects the others' property and families from predators, burglaries, and vandalism. In a community like this no one has to feel alone.

We live in a busy world. Well, at least that's what we are constantly told. So, we are continuously moving to accomplish something. Most of the time, we are not even sure what we are trying to accomplish. We are constantly moving because that's what we've been taught and trained to do. To what end? Are we so busy that we have lost sight of our values?

Each individual in the community plays a part in the perception of the community. If individuals within the community hold themselves to a higher standard others will see this, then visitors to this community will conduct themselves in the same manner. Everyone makes a difference. We need each other, or as the once popular song went, "People who need people are the luckiest people in the world".

Think of ways that you can benefit by knowing others in your community. Think of ways that others in your community can benefit from knowing you. This will also open your mind to possibilities of a strong community.

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