Giving Back Without Being a Millionaire Philanthropist

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An alternate way to donate to charities that can be fun and possibly even profitable.

There is at least one cause that most people are fanatics about. Some terrible tragedy is going on somewhere in the world that makes your heart sink. Perhaps,Guest Posting you're not passionate about helping people at all. Maybe, your passions lie in the environment or the other animals who inhabit this planet.

You don't have to be Bill Gates or Richard Branson to be able to give back to the community, support your favorite causes or make a difference for the planet. You can donate your time, resources or talent to support charities or give back to the community.

Lots of charities need manpower to accomplish their goals. FEMA needed tons of manpower to help people get out of flood damaged areas during the Katrina hurricane in New Orleans. The American Red Cross often sees its manpower resources stretched to the limits when it responds to natural disasters and war-torn countries all over the world. If you don't have the money, you can donate your time. A non-profit animal shelter could use someone to help feed, wash, and monitor pets. Habitat for humanity could always use extra hands to build shelters and homes for the homeless. Time is a precious commodity. Donate some of yours.

Not many of us have resources like the world's richest men. But you do have items in your home or your garage that someone else could use. Just because your clothes have been outdated for a season doesn't mean you should throw them away. Dig out those boxes in your garage and take the things you no longer use to a local shelter or a Salvation Army. Someone else can benefit from your old things.

David Letterman often has "Stupid Human Tricks" as a segment on his after hours show. Your talents just might be useful to someone. Have you ever thought about volunteering to do one of your "stupid human tricks" at a children's hospital? Your silly talents just might make a child laugh who really needs to laugh right now.

Find creative ways to donate and give back to the community. Time, talents and any resources that you have may not mean seem like much to you, but may make the world of different for someone else.

In these economic times, many people are in need. Perhaps you are thinking that you are one of them and have nothing to give. However, one of the universal laws of the universe is that you will receive back many times over what you give.

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