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Many millenials have a vision: they want to become successful and make a difference in the world. Unfortunately, not all of them know what to do with their vision and make it a reality. Carey Nieuwhof, who speaks with Sam Collier, gives tips on how to solve this dilemma. Carey is a pastor who helped a small church grew into a large, multi-site church; he's also an author who has published several books as well as a blogger and podcaster who has reached thousands of people.

Carey talks about how millenials should first identify what their vision is or find out if the vision they have in mind is the right thing for them to pursue. He points out that “the past leaves clues”,Guest Posting so people should take a look at their history and identify the “common thread” that would give them a clue about what their future should be. He gives his own life as an example: when he was 12 years old, he became fascinated about the people who talked on the radio and, when he was 16, he got a job at his local radio station. He eventually studied law (he wanted to argue in the courtroom), went on to become a pastor, and eventually started a podcast. Carey says that he realized that God wired him to communicate and that his ability to inspire people verbally helped him become successful.

 But what about people who can't see the “breadcrumbs” in their life? Carey points out that they could ask their mom, sister, brother, best friend, or fifth-grade teacher and ask: “What do you see in me?” They can also ask God for guidance and experiment with the things they're passionate about to see which ones make them happy while allowing them to help other people.

 Once millenials identify their vision, the next thing they should do is to build a high-performance team that can help them bring their vision into life. Carey says that people should start with what they have (such as friends and associates). Apple, he points out, was founded when two friends (Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak) came together and worked in a garage.

 Carey also stresses that it's important for millenials to identify what their unique contribution to the team would be and to know when to hand tasks over to other team members. He says that it's not the case of “just because you could do something, you should do it”. He reveals that he uses his interview skills and writes all his blog posts but outsources certain tasks (like editing podcasts and writing show notes) so he could focus on doing a good job.

 As a final note, Carey says that millenials should have faith in what they do because it will keep them going through the rough times. They should remember the “why behind the what” and remind themselves that what they're doing is bigger than them. He says it would be helpful for millenials to keep a file of encouraging words from other people and to look at this file whenever they get discouraged and think they're not making a difference.

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